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When dance floors and candy stores collide

There's nothing better than feeling like a kid at a candy store - except, of course, getting the opportunity to take a trip to the old sweets shop when you're in the midst of a wild wedding celebration.

While edible wedding favors have long been a popular option for couples, the virtues of handing out sweets at your shindig are perhaps epitomized best in the chocolate bar or candy buffet. A few steps beyond merely handing out pops on a stick, these lavish assortments are a main focus at the reception - at least as far as the post-dinner hours are concerned.

You can hire some gourmets to set up an extravagant dessert bar, replete with cakes, tarts, brownies, mousses and a fountain of chocolate fondue. This is one way to make dessert a veritable meal in its own right, of course.

If you're looking for a delightful twist on traditional candy wedding favors, setting up a buffet-style candy selection is the next best thing to a real trip to the store. Have guests scoop of the treats of their choice into ready-made wedding favor boxes.
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