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Who to invite to a favorite animals baby shower

Your little one may not yet know his or her favorite animal, but it'll be fun to pretend by hosting a jungle-themed baby shower.

Start out by spreading the news far and wide with a safari animals themed baby shower invitations to portend the wild times ahead. Instruct guests to bring animal-themed gifts, or if you're feeling adventurous, have them come dressed with an accessory representing their favorite creature. Bird lovers can tie feathers in their hair, while those who admire big cats can don their favorite leopard or tiger-print fashion item.

Once they arrive, hand them a mask or set of ears. This will get them in the mood for animal-themed bingo or trivia games.

You can use a fair amount of animal-print streamers and balloons without turning the event into a total zoo as well.

Finally, send guests running for the hills with doggy towel favors, hand-painted animal banks for loose change or doggie bag stuffed animal favors.