Why lighting is key for your wedding
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Why lighting is key for your wedding

Have you ever noticed the unspeakable difference that a soft, paper lamp makes, especially when you compare it to the garish overhead fluorescent lighting that makes your entire kitchen look like a holding cell? If you're no stranger to the joys of good lighting and the huge boost that it offers to your overall quality of life, why deny your wedding of the same benefits?

Many couples make the mistake of forgetting to attend to lighting when booking their ceremony or reception space. Remember - just because you've seen what it looks like during the day doesn't mean it'll look this cheerful and pleasant when the artificial lights come on. Make sure to visit the space at night so you can appraise for yourself whether you'll need to call in a bit of backup for your big day.

Purchasing soft paper lamps is an expensive way to instantly convert your lighting from drab to fab. You can buy Chinese-style round paper lanterns in virtually any color imaginable to create a soft canopy of multiple moons (though white is undeniably the most alluring).

If you have no taste for artificial light whatsoever, consider an entirely candle-lit ceremony. This may just be one of the most romantic ways to say "I do," and even if the idea of thousands of tealights makes you a bit nervous, you can always opt for colored floating candles in little glass vases for an added touch of safety and glamour.



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