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Why not throw a bed and bath-themed bridal shower?

Getting engaged often leads men and women to begin stocking their house with the bare necessities. Still, isn't that what a shower is for? If you can put off the compulsory shopping sprees just this once and instead plan a bed and bath-themed shindig, you'll thank yourselves later.

Narrowing your focus will also help guests who are stuck on what to buy and will eliminate the chances you'll be re-gifting things later. And, if you get enough towels, sheets and toiletries at your bridal shower, you can save some of those more special items for your wedding gift registry.

As far as decoration themes go, you can go to town with finding strategic places to hang bath towels and make garlands by stringing soap together. Create a seating area on the floor with various accent pillows for guests to sit on, and be sure to light plenty of candles.

Individual towel cakes would make wonderful accompanying bridal shower favors, as guests will adore the sweet, creative touch.
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