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Why we're not as good at wedding budgets as we thought

Try as we might to respond to the economic climate, it's often easier said than done to stay on a budget - especially when it comes to something like planning a wedding.

According to WWL.com, Christine Breaux, publisher/editor of Wedding Style Magazine in New Orleans, is of the opinion that while couples are certainly trying to save money, they're not always as successful as they hope. According to the news source, the national average for a wedding these days is effectively $27,000.

So, in light of all this information, what can we do to make sure we don't overwhelm our wallets?

Breaux recommends keeping guest lists short and sweet, since each guest costs an average of $100.

Buying inexpensive wedding favors is also an excellent way to keep costs low, since even small gifts that don't cost much on their own can add up quite a bit when multiplied by 50 (or 100) guests. Look for favors that cost roughly $2 or less - personalized lip balm wedding favors, personalized silk fans and themed playing cards are all safe bets for keeping on budget.
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