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Would you go on a hunger strike to attend the royal wedding?

Royal wedding fever has been rampant around the globe, dominating news bulletins and creating a cash flow for many businesses that have been mass-producing Kate Middleton rings and the now-famed sapphire dress she got engaged in.

Apparently, the fever got to be a bit much for one Mexican woman, who has been on a nine-day hunger strike in front of the British embassy in Mexico City in order to acquire an invitation to the wedding after officials told her that it was not possible.

"I have been a fan of Lady Di since I was a little girl," Estibalis Chavez told the Associated Free Press. "I promised myself I would go to the next royal wedding. I intend to fight until the very end...there is no turning back."

Perhaps Kate Middleton's guest list is a bit harder to manage, but you can insure against any protests from your friends by sending out delightful themed wedding invitations. Pick from any design to match your personal aesthetic, including monogrammed, floral and fleur de lis varieties.
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