Would you tweet your wedding?
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2
Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

Would you tweet your wedding?

Let's get real - social media is sort of a big deal these days. As it becomes an ever-increasingly mainstream way for people to stay in touch, for businesses to out-compete the rest and for communication as a whole to streamline its existence, it comes as no big surprise that more and more nearlyweds are taking to the news feeds to keep everyone posted on what's arguably one of the biggest days of their lives.

"Posts such as 'We booked the band today!' allow friends and family to feel like they are part of the planning," TheBeautyBridal.com explains.

The marriage of weddings and cyberspace isn't exactly anything new - well, relatively speaking. It's been customary for a while now to post your wedding registry online, so the live updates are just another step in the same direction. Amid all this change, it's important to decide for yourself, however, just how much is too much to tweet.

Wedding e-vites? Saves money and paper, as long as you're not too attached to the pretty stationary. Gift registry? Makes perfect sense. Occasional, tactful updates on the wedding planning stages people actually tend to care about? If you're as excited as you should be, why hold back? The only thing we'd suggest leaving out are the million and one changes to the color scheme of your personalized photo guest book.

As for things that require a personal touch, some things simply can't be digitized. Make sure your wedding favors get the tangible treatment lest anyone feels like they're leaving empty handed.


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