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Would you venture into the woods for your bridal shower?

When bridal showers come to mind, one usually conjures up luxury spa weekends, girls' nights out, tea cakes and an overall warm, domestic vibe. But what if you were to scrap all of that and have all of your guests rough it in the woods for a night?

This is one party theme that's obviously not for everyone, but if your circle of friends is the kind that might enjoy rigging a tent, this is an experience that may ultimately be more rewarding and more memorable for everyone involved.

To make sure you all survive, assign each guest certain tools or supplies to bring - you should bring the tent, of course, but as far as coolers, blankets, lamps and marshmallows go, these are all areas where your friends can pitch in.

Similarly, the theme should be survival - of a marriage. Encourage guests to base their gifts on this theme and think of items that are crucial to "making it out alive." This also means you can swap out the bridal shower bingo for campfire stories relating to the couple or to anyone else's marriage anecdotes.
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