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You're invited to an April Fool's Day bash - or are you?

Ah, the first of April - you never know when someone is about to take you for a fool. Even news providers are putting on their joker's caps for this mischievous holiday, publishing prank news articles fit for the front cover of next week's Onion.

If you're wondering how to righteously celebrate this merry occasion, we dare you to throw an April Fool's Day party. Of course, some of your guests may not even show up if they think that the whole set-up is a hoax, but those who arrive will be glad they did.

Instruct all of your guests to come up with their own prank in time for the bash. This eliminates the need to come up with any special games or activities, because you'll be too busy the whole night trying to dodge the booby traps of others.

We do encourage party favors, however, as this is one area rife for surprises. Imagine the look on their faces when they receive custom fortune cookies - written by you of course?