Family Reunion Ideas
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SNOWING3

Family Reunion Ideas

Spending time with relatives and family is great and something we should do more often. Family reunion is the perfect time to share news about each other, meet new members of the family, as well as renew blood bonds. Having family reunions allows for strengthening relationships which is very important.

To make your family gathering more fun and memorable for all, planning games and activities that can foster stronger bonds should be one of the main goals of the event. Here's a list of ideas you can use for your next family reunion:

1. Have a t-shirt printed out specifically for the reunion. You can have one design for all, or you can ask each attending family to have a special shirt made for them. This is a great way to show the family as one unit and ready to participate in the festivities.

2. Scavenger hunts are also a perfect family activity. It requires a team and working together is a great way to interact with different generations of the family. Make sure you use items that are related to the history of the family.

3. Hold a family Olympics with various games like water balloon toss, relay race, three-legged race, and sack race. It's the perfect activity where all ages can participate. Maybe each team can have a banner and parade around the area to simulate the opening march of the Olympian athletes.

4. Have a talent show featuring members of the family who can sing, dance, do magic, or do a short acting scene. You can make it into a friendly contest and have a panel of judges as well. Prepare a simple prize for the chosen winner.

5. Play a version of the amazing race. Select family members who can compete on the race. Make it a race for maybe 3 miles and about an hour or two long. Put stops and challenges that the teams can do and must complete to move on with the race.

6. Ask relatives for family memorabilia which you can display on a table. Carefully label each item and write a short description about why the item is important to the clan. Ask one relative to host the memorabilia table.

7. Create a family tree chart that includes as many generations and members of the family as far back as the elders can remember. Have it copied and framed to share with everyone. This can help each family view their place in the tree as well as provide genealogical information and lineage.

8. Tug of war is a simple enough game that won't take too much time and is so much fun. Here, all family members will be able to play all at once. Or you can also have it on a per-family basis and have a face off of the best two family teams.

There are many other games and activities that can be perfect for family reunions. Even re-watching old family movies can be a source of joy for all.

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