4th of July Party Ideas
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4th of July Party Ideas

For Americans 4th of July is more than just a display of fireworks and patriotism. At the core of it all, 4th of July is a celebration of freedom and independence that the country gained from Great Britain in 1776. And every year the citizens make sure that they go all out in joining and organizing the festivities for this memorable day in the United States' history.

To make your celebrations extra fun for all members of the family, be sure to plan ahead of time so that all the little details are not forgotten. After all, it's all the little details that make the party memorable.

Decorations are most certainly a big part of any festivity, especially for Independence Day. For 4th of July, the recurring theme for decorations are the colors of the flag — red, white, and blue — as well as stripes and stars. So, it's a must to have a flag swaying at the front lawn or little ones on sticks that children can wave around.

You can also create a sort of "daytime fireworks" with some pretty paper (plain or printed) in the flag colors and make medallions with pointed edges to simulate the image of a firework exploding in the air. Hang them on trees, awnings, and in the gazebo.

Votive candles in decorative holders or jars are perfect decorations that can go from day to night. Just buy or recycle glass jars and decorate the outside with patriotic designs. If the jar is deep, fill half of it with sand and secure a votive candle in the middle. Medium to big ones are perfect as table centerpieces or to line up the path to the house. You can hang the small votives in a line by using wire and light them up as soon as it starts to get dark.

A great way to put some "movement" into your decorations is by creating pinwheels in red, white, and blue. Make them using a thin wooden dowel and stick them on the ground. Or you can stick them on wooden clothespins and clip them wherever you want and watch them all catch the wind.

Serve your food in an equally festive style. Decorate a basic enamel bucket by painting it red, blue, or white and then sticking stars in contrasting colors on the side. It's a great way to serve cold drinks.

Another great way to serve food and to save the environment is to recycle cans. Clean them and then wrap them in decorative paper and fill them with utensils, flowers, striped candy canes, or breadsticks.

Set the table by using tableware in red, white, and blue and laying them out on table runners with the same colors. Why not a full table cloth? This is so you don't overwhelm and over-decorate the table. If you can, make the runner in a plain color so any decorative centerpiece you put on top will stand out.

Finally, what's a 4th of July celebration without the fireworks? Go and light up the sky with your pretty fireworks. For the kids, you can just opt to give them party poppers to keep them safe.

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