Make Peace with Valentine's Day
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: FEBRUARY3

Make Peace with Valentine's Day

Some people love Valentine's Day, and some dread its approach every year. Some have even proclaimed February 14th as Singles Appreciation Day. That's super SAD, quite literally. You don't have to fall into the super sappy roses-and-chocolate-filled camp either - there is another option! Rather than view Valentine's Day as a romance-focused day filled with little red hearts and corny gifts ("I Like You Beary Much" gummy bears, anyone?), embrace the spirit of the day and surround yourself with love. Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

Spread the Love Trick #1: Don't Forget Your Coworkers

The workplace is full of singles and couples alike. So one colleague got a big bouquet of flowers from her beau - you can make sure the rest of your coworkers feel appreciated too!

  1. Deliver rose-grams - red roses are one of the most common symbols of Valentine's Day, so turn them into something everyone can enjoy! By picking up several long-stemmed roses or carnations and attaching a simple card, you can give everyone in the office a colorful pick-me-up that will leave them feeling appreciated all day long.
  2. Bring baked goodies - sweets are second only to Valentine's Day flowers! Rather than overloading everyone on commercially packaged chocolates, go the extra mile and bake some cookies or a cake for everyone to enjoy. If baking isn't your style, don't feel bad about stopping by your favorite bakery and picking up some pretty pastries to share.
  3. Craft fun favors - option three bucks traditional flowers and chocolate in favor of creating something unique and memorable. Fill a glass spice jar with some cinnamon almonds or your favorite exotic candy. Or, put your favorite positive quote in some glass photo coasters and give one to everyone in the office - it's motivational and protects desks from coffee mug rings!

Spread the Love Trick #2: Feast with Friends

Take the anxiety out of the day by giving everyone something low key to do - a dinner party at your place! Single, coupled, it doesn't matter. You love your friends and that's all that counts, so why not get everyone together for a night of fun? Just skip the cherubs and heart decorations...

  1. Fancy and formal - this is a great time to let your inner kitchen diva out to play. If you've dreamed of hosting a grown-up dinner party, go all out and plan a sit-down menu complete with every delectable recipe you've been dying to try. Your guests will feel super special that they get to try your culinary creations, and will appreciate not having to bribe a maître d' for the best table in the house.
  2. Potluck with pals - make it a hassle-free party by inviting everyone to pitch in. This strategy will ensure you can spend as much time having fun with your guests as you do enjoying the food. It also gives your friends an opportunity to show off their signature dishes or favorite cuisines! When it's all over, get a leg up on after-party cleanup by inviting everyone to make a plate of leftovers to take home. Who needs fancy doggy bags?
  3. Cocktail hour - for a fun night, never doubt the power of a good mixed drink. The perfect low key way to relax with friends, a cocktail hour is simple to plan and execute. Put together a variety of finger foods and a few mixers, and then have games or movies ready to entertain people as they mix and mingle.
  4. These aren't the only options available. It's all up to you and how creative you want to be, so go out there and take back your Valentine's Day and celebrate it however you choose. After all, it's simply another day that happens to be a really good reason to throw a party.

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