Personalize Your Wedding - Personalize Wedding Napkins and Labels
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SNOWING3

Personalize Your Wedding - Personalize Wedding Napkins and Labels

Weddings are joyous occasions not just for the bride and groom but also for their friends, family and loved ones. This is why couples are now, more than ever, getting involved in personalizing their weddings. These days, they are not just involved in the bigger, more traditional aspects of a wedding like wedding dates, reception areas, guest lists, themes, motifs or invitations; they have also become more hands-on with the smaller, intricate details of the planning phase like wedding favors, personalized wedding napkins, ribbons and overall packaging like personalized wedding labels.

Personalizing a wedding not only inspires guests but also provides a much needed freshness, uniqueness and creativity that is not far from the personalities of the bride and groom. One can hire a professional to add a twist to any wedding but inspiring weddings are those that reflect the heart and soul of a couple's relationship, as well as their distinct personalities. So how does a couple give a personalized touch to their wedding? The possibilities are limitless, but here are a few tips to get you started.

The key is to be keen on details. While most people would overlook a simple element in a typical table setting like table napkins, in favor of focusing on centerpieces, you can stand out from the crowd by providing personalized wedding napkins. Pick colors that complement your motif or theme, then have the wedding date printed on the napkin alongside the names of the bride and groom in fonts that match or complement the invitations and/or the labels for a more unified look.

You can take it to the next level by adding a monogram to the wedding napkins on top of the wedding date and names. Custom artwork that shows a couple's bohemian, classic, romantic, quirky or even contrasting spirit may be added too instead of a monogram. Remember to not overdo the designs. The idea is to impress your guests with a powerful statement and not leave them confused. Couples may choose to put a line from their vows too. This, along with a monogram and a date, your personalized wedding napkins can easily be a keepsake for guests.

Another small detail that can be personalized is the wedding label of party favors. The party favor itself can be personalized, true, but you can add a little more pizzazz and personality into it by customizing a wedding label that shows, for instance, you and your partner's personal style. It can even be consistent with your wedding theme.

One way to incorporate the styles of the bride and groom, that may perhaps be very distinctive, is to pick a shape for the label that expresses one style and choose an artwork or design or even color and font for the label that shows another. Wedding labels come in various shapes: oval, round, scallop, circle, square and rectangular. Printing candy stripes to a solid, bordered square for example could reflect a playful and conservative style, taking into consideration of course the text and font that would go into the label.

You can mix and match various styles and details to come up with the perfect wedding label that can be used on party favors like a jar of macadamia nuts or a mini candle tin, and further top it off with a ribbon. There are now ribbons, of the satin kind mostly, that can be customized with a text of your choice. Tie up personalized wedding napkins, wedding labels and ribbons to a common theme that wraps up your personality as well as your partner's and creates a lasting impression for yours guests.

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