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Pom-pom Favor Boxes

Chic and modern brides, girly-girls
Bridal showers, contemporary weddings, sweet 16 birthday parties
Tissue pom-pom adds texture and the mix and match favor boxes provide visual interest
Time: 3 minutes per favor
Tissue paper
Embroidery floss (or any thin ribbon or twine)
  1. Wrap the envelope like a present with ribbon (see video for instructions on how to assemble your 2 piece favor boxes)
  2. Layer tissue paper by folding in half several times
  3. Cut circles from the layered tissue paper in varying diameters (we used 1.5" and 1.75" circles - this is optional)
  4. In each stack of circles, cut slits about 0.25" apart so that you're able to pull the floss through
  5. Thread floss through all stacks of circles (we alternated small, large, small stacks)
  6. Wrap floss around favor box and tie a tight knot at the bottom
  7. Lightly fold tissue circles in half to slide together on the string
  8. Place bunched tissues on the top of the box and fan out the pieces to make a full pom-pom
How to Assemble a Favor Box
Watch Video
How to Assemble a Favor Box
2" square favor boxes are one of our most classic and versatile packaging ideas. They come in several different styles and colors to match the theme of any event. Learn how to assemble stylish favor boxes.