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Ribbon Favor Boxes

Practical people will appreciate the functionality of this box
Perfect for weddings, anniversary parties, engagement dinners
Ribbon favor box allows you to remove and replace the lid without having to re-tie the bow
Time: 2.5 minutes per favor
Hole Puncher
  1. Assemble favor boxes, and place favors inside (see video for instructions on how to assemble your 2 piece favor boxes)
  2. Using hole puncher, punch holes into just 2 sides of both the bottom and lid of your boxes (see image #3)
  3. Cut ribbon into 16" lengths
  4. Wrap the ribbon around the bottom of the box and thread the ends through the holes from the outside in
  5. Then thread through the holes in the lid from the inside out (see image #4)
  6. Secure just the ends of the ribbon to the top of the box with the personalized label leaving some slack
  7. Loose ribbon is tucked into the box when closed
How to Assemble a Favor Box
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How to Assemble a Favor Box
2" square favor boxes are one of our most classic and versatile packaging ideas. They come in several different styles and colors to match the theme of any event. Learn how to assemble stylish favor boxes.