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Sweet Thank You Favors

Chic brides and hostesses with a taste for sweets
Parisian themed parties, tea bridal showers
Joie de vivre!
Time: 2 minutes per favor
Vellum Paper
Printed Personalized Thank You Notes (1.625" x 1.625")
Double-sided Tape
  1. Assemble favor boxes
  2. Cut vellum paper into 2" x 4" and fold in half to 2" x 2"
  3. Trim the printed personalized thank you notes down to size and use double-sided tape to adhere to the center of one side of the vellum square
  4. Use double-sided tape to secure the vellum to the inside of the bottom of the favor box
  5. making sure the personalized note shows through the front of the box
  6. Place 2 macarons (or other sweets) inside
  7. Cut ribbon into 16" lengths
  8. Wrap the ribbon around the box and tie a bow
No time to create your own personalized notes? For a shortcut, purchase personalized labels instead.