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Top 10 Creative Baby Shower Alternatives

Beau-coup’s top ten creative baby-themed event ideas inspire modern parents looking for a fun alternative to traditional baby showers. Options include "lite" baby showers, non-traditional celebrations, and spiritual events.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, October 17, 2012 – At Beau-coup, we live to celebrate life's major events and milestones. Lately we have noticed a shift in traditional baby shower celebrations. Many new parents are searching for fresh, creative ways to celebrate their growing families. With that in mind, we put together a list of our top ten baby shower alternatives, designed to complement any new parent's personal style.

"Lite" Baby Showers for New Parents

  • Diaper Showers
    How it works: Diapers are the one thing every new parent needs – and they will need a mountain of diapers in the coming months. Each guest is asked to bring diapers and diaper changing supplies like wipes and ointments in lieu of gifts. Diaper showers are common for mothers who are having a second or third child, but they are also a great way to help out a new mom.

    Make it unique: Request a particular brand or type of diaper –biodegradable diapers are popular among eco-conscious new mothers right now. Cloth diapers and diaper rental services are also growing in popularity. To encourage participation, enter guests into a “Diaper raffle” – one entry per pack of diapers. Have a drawing at the end of the shower, and present a prize to the winner.

  • Casserole Showers
    How it works: It is important for mom and dad to stay happy and healthy while they focus on those crucial first months of their new baby’s life. With a casserole shower, friends and family can ensure the new parents have enough food to last them through those first few weeks of sleepless nights spent looking after the little one. Between caring for baby and work, many a mom and dad would forget to eat entirely if it weren’t for caring friends and family.

    Make it unique: Request that guests bring an easily-stored family meal designed to go directly from freezer to oven. For guests who do not cook, they can opt to bring a gift card to a local take out restaurant, or be on call to babysit in the event mom and dad need a night out. If freezer space is an issue (and it likely will be!), have some participants sign up to bring their home-cooked dishes on a designated day instead.

  • Book Showers
    How it works: Parents who are bibliophiles may hope to pass on their love of books to their little ones. By having a book shower complete with cute bookmark favors, mom and dad can build a child-friendly library of books that will help their little bookworm grow and learn.

    Make it unique: Encourage guests to be creative with their books. Have a “Once Upon a Time” or “Tall Tale” theme, or ask people to bring a copy of their favorite childhood books to share.

Baby Celebrations for Non-Traditional Parents

  • "Dadchelor" Parties
    How it works: New dads are celebrating their impending fatherhood the same way they are celebrating their weddings – with one last day of freedom before the big day. With a “dadchelor” party, the father-to-be gets to spend a day with his buddies doing…well, whatever he wishes.

    Make it unique: These celebrations can be as elaborate as the bachelor party, complete with a trip to Vegas and guys’ night out. Alternatively, they can be a low key day of golf, or gathering of guys who come together to grill, drink beer, and watch sports before baby’s arrival.

  • Girls' Night
    How it works: Instead of showering the new mom with gifts, her best gal pals can get together with mom-to-be and spoil her rotten before baby arrives. Many new moms truly enjoy one last day of pampering with close friends before their lives become all about baby.

    Make it unique: This kind of celebration can suit any number of personalities. Make it a girls’ night in with a home-cooked meal and “mocktails” (non-alcoholic for mom, of course!). Or the girls can take mom-to-be out for manicures, pedicures, and a shopping spree.

  • Gender Reveal Party
    How it works: Typically held well before a traditional baby shower, a gender reveal party is organized by a close friend or family member who works with the ultrasound technician to keep the baby’s gender a secret from the parents. This close friend or family member takes the ultrasound results to a local baker and requests a specially colored cake. Party guests cast their vote for boy or girl by dressing in pink or blue, and everyone finds out the gender at the same time as the new mom and dad cut into the cake to discover either pink for girl or blue for boy.

    Make it unique: Get creative with the reveal – it does not need to be colored cake. Fill a box with pink or blue colored helium balloons for a dramatic and pretty way to share the big news. Or, get custom-printed scratch-off cards. Each guest can feel like a winner as they scratch off their cards to expose the new baby's gender.

  • Adoption Celebrations
    How it works: Many new parents adopt or foster rather than conceiving traditionally. Many of these new parents may have adoption celebrations called “Welcome Home” parties, or “Meet the Baby” gatherings. Adoption celebrations are a great way to ensure the new parents have everything they need to help raise their adoptive child.

    Make it unique: Take into consideration the adoptive baby’s origins. Consider throwing a party that pays homage to their country of birth, or having a themed party that celebrates an older child’s interests.

  • Sip 'N' See
    How it works: A sip 'n' see is a “meet the baby” party of sorts. It is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to come visit the new parents and their little bundle of joy a few weeks after the birth. A smaller production than a traditional baby shower, a sip ‘n’ see is a great way to get in some quiet bonding time with light refreshments.

    Make it unique: Make it a themed event, whether it is tea time with mom and dad or happy hour with the happy family.

Baby Celebrations for Spiritual Parents

  • Blessingway
    How it works: In a blessingway, the new mother’s friends and family share their well wishes and positive thoughts for mom and baby. Traditionally, a blessingway (also called a mother blessing ceremony) is a ritual carried out with the mother’s female friends and family members. It comes from a Navajo tradition meant to heal and invoke positive blessings. The focus is more on positive energy and shared bonds rather than gifts and games.

    Make it unique: Plan the ceremony to celebrate mom-to-be and her interests. If she loves art, make a belly cast or have canvases on hand for guests to paint. If she loves jewelry, invite guests to make bracelets and necklaces for one another as a reminder of their special bond.

  • Baby Naming
    How it works: A baby naming ceremony is a non-religious way for parents to make a spiritual and emotional commitment to their baby. Traditionally, the new parents choose the baby’s name and reveal it to close friends and family, while making a vow to love and protect the child. This is an increasingly popular event where parents can publicly welcome the new addition to their family.

    Make it unique: Unlike Baptisms and Christenings, naming ceremonies are more informal and festive and can be held at any time, on any day of the week. Plan a themed naming ceremony at home with family, or have the ceremony in a public space with important people in the new parents’ lives. Then send guests home with beautiful baby shower favors as a special keepsake.

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