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Two Turtle Doves Christmas Favor

Lovers of Christmas Carols, holiday hostesses, cooks, foodies
Christmas parties, Holiday housewarmings
Who doesn't love a festive play on a favorite holiday song?
Time: 2 minutes per favor
Flat Bottom Organza Bags (shown in gold)
  1. Remove Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers and packing shred from box
  2. Place packing shred at bottom of Organza Bags, creating a nest for the birds
  3. Place birds atop nest of packing shred, pull drawstrings to close bag
  4. Cut ribbon into 14" lengths
  5. Tie ribbon around the drawstring area of the bag, but stop right before you tie the bow (see image #4)
  6. Pull the ribbon through the personalized heart shaped gift tag before finishing off with a bow