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Custom Dance Floor Decal

Video Summary

Hi! I'm Adrienne. And today, I'm thrilled to introduce our newest wedding accessory, dance floor decals. Brand new to the market and already a hit with brides everywhere, these customized creations will have heads turning and feet tapping. And because each decal is uniquely designed and personalized free of charge, it's like having your very own wedding logo, tailored just for you!

With an abundance of options to choose from, these uniquely designed floor decals come in 6 styles, 2 sizes, as well as 10 of today's hottest wedding colors. Each one is personalized with your names and wedding day, making them an instant wow factor to every reception hall they embellish!

When your design has been picked and delivered, you'll be super excited to deck out your dance floor! So when the big day arrives, simply follow these trouble-free, peel and stick instructions for guaranteed satisfaction! You'll want the help of at least one person during the application, so be sure to a helper handy! Heather will join me to demonstrate today.

  1. First, select a central location on the dance floor. Try and find a spot with smooth surfaces free of major grouts and cracks.
  2. After you've located this spot, be sure to clean it thoroughly.
  3. Next, secure the decal with masking tape running directly down the center, splitting the graphic into two equal halves.
  4. After that, peel back 6 inches of lining from either side. Cut and discard to expose adhesive.
  5. By starting in the center and working your way outward, use a back and forth squeezing motion to secure the adhesive.
  6. Next, remove the center masking tape. Hold the graphic up in the air at an angle by carefully peeling the liner away. Do not let it touch the surface until you're ready to start smoothing it out.
  7. Then as one person smoothes out the graphic, working from the center outward, the other person needs to keep the graphic off the floor until it has completely adhered to the surface. Be sure to use slow, overlapping strokes to avoid air bubbles. If you make mistakes while applying, don't worry. Simply, lift the graphic without stretching into small sections and reapply. If you find small air bubbles in the graphic after it's been applied, there is no need to stress. Simply use your fingers or a small needle to prick the graphic to smooth out air bubbles.
  8. Once your graphic is firmly down, you want to smooth over the edges to make certain it won't come up from tampering, scuffing or dancing. You want your guests to have fun on the dance floor without having to worry about all your hard work coming undone.
  9. So when the party is over, you'll find clean up is a breeze. Gently lift the edge of the decal, slowly pulling away from the surface.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about our wedding dance floor decals! As the market's newest, most notable trend, wedding dance floor decals are personalizing reception halls everywhere, giving guests one more reason to ooh and ahh. Thanks for watching and cheers to many years of happiness!

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