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Engraved Glass Photo Vase

Video Summary

Hi! I'm Adrienne. Everyone knows that weddings can be expensive, and because the majority of the budget is allocated toward the wedding reception, I know how important it is to cut costs without scrimping on style. And the best area to do that is with table centerpieces. The key is to find something that not only reflects your personal style, but has timeless appeal as well. And nothing does that more beautifully than our best selling wedding reception photo vase.

Doubling as an incredible gift for mothers and bridesmaids, this one of a kind vase is constructed of thick clear glass which features an inset base for added interest. Easy to customize, the front of the vase includes a picture frame for your favorite 4 x 6 photo, as well as custom engraving in a sophisticated block print. But this centerpiece doesn't end there! The possibilities are simply limitless! For more traditional or romantic designs, try adding fresh cut flowers, colored water, or candles to create passion and warmth to any reception site setting. Even eco-friendly and beach themed weddings are easily captured by adding river rock and bamboo shoots or using seashells, candles, and sand. And for trendy, interactive vases, they also look great accented with anything from holiday decor to color coordinated candy or favors. The list goes on and on and is only limited by your imagination!

The personalized style you create is merely the start of this vase's potential. Couples not only have the ability to highlight their favorite photos, but can also use this dual purpose vase for more practical purposes, such as numbering tables or your own personal thank you notes to the guests seated there making this multi-faceted vase a must have!

It makes a great transition piece from wedding receptions to home décor, as well as a gift for bridal or baby showers. So feel free to think outside the box for your next special occasion or event. Since it's both beautiful and affordable, this is one item that will leave you feeling frugal and fabulous!

I hope you've enjoyed learning about this incredible glass photo vase. There is truly no product more capable of capturing all of your life's special moments. Thanks for watching and cheers to many years of happiness!

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