Wedding Music that Makes Your Heart Sing
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: FIREWORKS2

Wedding Music that Makes Your Heart Sing

Are you in the midst of your wedding planning and deliberating on what type of music to choose for your reception? Of course you want to please all of your guests (is this even possible?) and you also want to at least like the music yourselves, so what do you do?

My best advice to couples in every wedding decision is to remember that this is YOUR day. Music is so powerful and can make you feel so many different emotions. You and your fiancé probably have songs that mean things to you as a couple, songs that are important to each of you individually for various reasons and songs that you simply just love to dance to or listen to. Choose these songs for sure!

After selecting the specific songs that you want played you will also want to tell your DJ what genre of music you and your fiancé prefer. Pick a DJ that carries a wide variety of music, this way if any of your entourage has a favorite pick, they can request it. Avoid live bands, they're often mediocre and can not play huge varieties of music. If you plan to have hours of music then you will have plenty of time for a little variety.

It is always great to see couples really get emotional about certain songs together and then to watch the entire crowd go crazy for a song as silly as YMCA. Children will also appreciate silly songs, though they'll usually dance to pretty much anything. It is fun to watch a few older couples do a waltz or a larger group get together for a country line dance.

Keep your guests in mind as well. If you have mostly young people, then you will certainly want newer music, but if you have older people then go for some classic favorites. You'll want to get as many people on the floor as possible; this makes for a fun evening. Definitely get your favorites over the speakers, because whatever music you want to have at your reception is what you should have. If you two are having fun everyone else will be too!

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