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Wooden Elephant Place Card Holders

Those seeking favors full of meaning, symbolism and good luck
Any elegant event
Elephants are thought to symbolize strength and wisdom. This lucky charm also doubles as a place card holder
Time: 3 minutes per favor
Paper (we used white for the base and gold for the top)
Rubber stamp and ink pad for creating a pattern
Double-sided Tape
  1. Use stamp to create a pattern on white paper
  2. Cut patterned paper into 2" x 3.5" pieces and set aside
  3. Cut gold paper into 1.5" x 3" pieces
  4. and fold each piece into thirds
  5. Write guest names on the bottom third section of the pieces of gold paper
  6. Use double sided tape to attach the gold paper to the center of the patterned paper creating a patterned border around the place card
  7. Using the tape
  8. secure place cards onto elephants
Use patterned paper such as scrapbooking paper to save time.