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All About the Unique Art of Writing: Calligraphy

Calligraphy is considered to be one of the oldest forms of writing in the world. It is thought that the first of the Persian writing started as early as 500 or 600 BC. This was used on the inscriptions on the monuments of the kings. Among the many calligraphers who were famous where Kalhor and Mir-Emad. Calligraphy is used today as an art form and has become a hobby for individuals all over the world. Look to the following resources for more information on learning about this unique art of writing.

Calligraphy Introduction

  • Calligraphic Arts: This site contains information and links regarding what calligraphy is.
  • Calligraphy: This page provides calligraphy information and definitions.

The History of Calligraphy

  • Persian Calligraphy: A website that provides some basic information about calligraphy along with a history of the art. There are also several tools and links available on this site.
  • Applied History of Calligraphy: A site containing historical information regarding Arabic calligraphy.

Learning Calligraphy

  • Calligraphy Skills: A site offering information on how to learn calligraphy and the various styles. 
  • About Calligraphy: Contains basic information about the various options regarding styles and types of calligraphy
  • Calligraphy Variety: This is a website containing information and resources on the different styles of calligraphy with emphasis on Chinese
  • Calligraphy Tutorial: A website offering information on both the history and the various styles of calligraphy. This also offers links and resources to learn more information.
  • Calligraphy Options: This site has demonstrations of the various styles of calligraphy. It also has several other resources for reference.

Calligraphy Resources

  • The Topic: Calligraphy: This page offers a long list of resources on calligraphy for students and teachers.
  • Society of Scribes: A site with links to a variety of information on Calligraphy from seminars to courses.
  • Calligraphy: A site containing a large directory of links for all things related to calligraphy from calligraphers to information.