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About Beau-coup

We believe in celebrating life - every occasion, every milestone, every laugh, smile and tear. We know that sharing these moments makes them extra special, and we want to be there to help you celebrate life, one event at a time.

We believe that life is a series of milestones to be celebrated and that favors are an important part of every special occasion. Beau-coup is committed to providing an unmatched selection of high quality favors, gifts and supplies as well as exceptional customer service so that every celebration can be a once-in-a-lifetime event. We want to inspire our customers and help them find the perfect way to honor their achievements, and to thank their loved ones - to say merci beaucoup!

Polly's Story

We started Beau-coup shortly after our wedding. In fact, I wrote the first version of the business plan on a cocktail napkin during our flight home from our Honeymoon! Having gone through the process ourselves, we knew there was a real need online for a one-stop wedding favors shop that offers unique and high quality items. And we also knew how stressful and emotional planning a wedding can be. Beau-coup's mission is to help make the process a little less stressful, even enjoyable, by offering the most exceptional customer service and an unmatched selection of quality guest favors at competitive prices. I also hope you will be inspired by all the products and unique ideas on our website, and whatever your celebration may be, we hope to make a difference.

Polly Liu, Founder

Through the Years

A few of Beau-coup's milestone events: