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Personalized Wedding Favors

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Personalized wedding favors can be some of the most precious details of your special day. After all, they're a perfect way to thank your wedding guests for coming and give them something to remember the day by. Personalized wedding favors can come in so many different forms, with practical items like personalized magnets or fun items such as personalized playing cards. Another popular idea is edible wedding favors. This can be anything from custom cookies to candy, brownie pops or chocolate-covered Oreos. We even have personalized bags of champagne gummy bears! Check out our variety of custom wedding favors below for some inspiring ideas!

When selecting personalized wedding favors, our first suggestion is to consider the aesthetic, theme or location of your wedding. Having that starting point is sure to spark some ideas. For example, maybe you are having your wedding on the beach. In that case, consider personalized bottles of sunscreen, personalized lip balms, or personalized sunglasses. That way, guests have the option to use the favors at the wedding too. Or maybe your wedding is taking place on a ranch. Envision the aesthetic you want to complete the ranch wedding. Perhaps personalized mason jars or personalized jars of honey will do the trick.

Next, we recommend considering whether you want the favors to be practical or more on the fun side. If you are going for practical, then you might consider favors that can easily be used over and over again by your wedding guests like personalized candle tins. If you are opting for something a little more fun then consider custom wedding favors such as personalized plantable seed cards or personalized playing cards. Plus, remember that personalized wedding favors can also work double duty as decorations and supplies. Consider personalized drinkware or bottle openers that can be used at the wedding and also brought home. Just remind guests that when the wedding is over, that they should keep whatever it is they were using!

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Personalized Wedding Favors




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