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Best Groomsmen Gifts for 2024

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A wedding gives you the important role of deciding who should stand by your side as you tie the knot. Those you select as your groomsmen are the ones who you can always count on to be there for you, so it only makes sense to give them a token of appreciation. But, you may be wondering, how much should I spend on each groomsman's gift, or when do I give the groomsmen their gifts? Keep reading for helpful answers to those and other related groomsmen gift questions:


What kind of groomsmen gifts are popular?

Picking a groomsman gift can be a daunting prospect. How do you select a gift that you can be sure properly conveys how much you appreciate your guys for planning your bachelor party and being by your side throughout all the wedding festivities? One handy tip is to look for groomsmen gifts that are personalized, so they have an extra-special touch that’s unique to your recipients. Finding gifts that are practical is great too, so they can be enjoyed by your groomsmen for years to come, giving them a memento of all the fun they had when you got married.


If you’re looking to go with a classic groomsmen gift, a personalized dopp kit or personalized cuff links are great options to show your appreciation with a personalized touch. Or you can give a unique groomsmen gift that celebrates a shared passion, such as personalized golf balls for the golf-loving groomsmen or neat multifunctional tools, that can be used over and over again.


How many groomsmen are typically in the wedding party?

On average, weddings have somewhere between 3 and 5 groomsmen, but it’s not uncommon to see more or fewer groomsmen, depending on the wedding. A good rule of thumb is for the bride and groom to settle on the same number for both groomsmen and bridesmaids so that each group is evenly sized. This will help to keep everything even for the wedding processional and photos of the ceremony. Ultimately, it's your special day so you can choose to have as many or as few groomsmen as you’d like!


How much should you spend on each groomsman?

There is no hard and fast rule to say how much to spend on groomsmen gifts. On average, most grooms spend between $30 to $100 on each gift, but that average might not be ideal for every situation or wedding party.


Perhaps a more useful calculation is one that takes into account your specific wedding. One rule of thumb is to estimate how much each groomsman will be spending over the course of all the wedding festivities and purchases, and aim to spend somewhere between 10% and 25% of that figure on each groomsman’s gift. For example, if a groomsman’s costs to be in the wedding add up to $350, an appropriate sum to spend on his gift would land in the $35-$85 range. In the case of a more expensive wedding to participate in, with $1000 being the cost to the groomsman, then you’d want to aim to spend $100-$250 on each groomsman gift.


Does the best man get a different gift than the other groomsmen? 

The best man plays a special role in the wedding: setting the tone for the groomsmen, planning the bachelor party, making sure the groomsmen have the proper attire per the couple’s instruction, writing and delivering his best man speech, and being the groom’s shoulder to lean on throughout the full wedding planning process. Because of this key role he’s taking on, and the responsibilities that come with it, the best man will typically receive a gift that’s different from the other groomsmen’s gifts.


The groom will want to find a gift that not only conveys his appreciation for all of the best man’s hard work, but also a gift that highlights their special bond. One way to go about this is to start with choosing the groomsmen gifts and then find a slightly more embellished gift that still fits with that theme. For example, if gifting the groomsmen personalized whiskey glasses, a personalized decanter could make an excellent gift for the best man. A groom could also start with choosing a great gift for their best man, and then work backward to identify gifts of a similar theme that could be given to their remaining groomsmen.


When do you give the groomsmen gifts?

The best time to present the groomsmen their thoughtful and personalized gifts would be during the bachelor’s dinner, which takes place prior to the wedding with all the groomsmen, usually before the bachelor party festivities. Another good time to present the groomsmen gifts would be at the rehearsal dinner with the rest of the bridal party. 


Beau-coup offers a diverse array of personalized groomsmen gifts that can feature each guy's name, initials, or monogram for an extra-special touch. Whether you decide to go with practical gifts they can get lots of use out of or opt for unique gifts they can proudly display as decorations, you'll be able to find something interesting among our collection of groomsmen gifts that's sure to impress.

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