Baby Shower Favor Ideas, Themes and Etiquette
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Baby Shower Favor Ideas, Themes and Etiquette

Having a baby is one of your biggest life-changing events. It is also an event that is joyous, exhilarating and needs to be celebrated. A baby shower is a wonderful way for friends and family to show their happiness, celebrate the wonderful news and prepare for the baby's arrival. We've put together some information below, from etiquette to theme ideas to help you get the party started. We also have a fabulous collection of unique and adorable baby shower favors. Browse our baby shower favors and order for your celebration today!

Who hosts the baby shower?

If you're wondering who hosts the baby shower, anyone can host for the mother-to-be or parents-to-be. Traditionally, only non-relatives were allowed to host the baby shower, but nowadays it is very common and acceptable for sisters and mothers to host the baby shower. A group of friends can also host; it is a great way to share responsibilities and the excitement of planning this joyous occasion. Whether a co-worker, close friend or mother hosts the party, a shower is a gathering of close friends and family showering the mother-to-be (or parents-to-be) in love and support.

Who should I invite?

Again, anyone can be invited, but traditionally, baby showers are reserved for women. A popular trend today is to host a co-ed baby shower. Thus, the father-to-be will be present and brothers, husbands, and boyfriends are all invited. Make sure you play games that the men will enjoy as well. A fun and interactive game that are great for co-ed baby showers is Baby Charades. Teams act out baby related phrases like 'giving birth', 'changing a diaper', and 'fussy baby'. It's always a crowd favorite. Before any invitations are sent out (or any phone calls or emails made), be sure to run the guest list by the mother-to-be. You don't want to leave anyone out. If the baby shower is not a surprise, ask the mother-to-be if the expecting dad would like to include his friends and join the celebration. After finalizing the guest list, you will be able to plan the rest of the details better.

Where should I hold the shower?

Baby showers are typically held in the hostess' home. However, depending on the theme and desired atmosphere of the baby shower, it can be held at the mother-to-be's favorite restaurant, hang out spot, or even at a banquet hall.

When is the baby shower held?

Usually the shower is thrown a couple of months before the baby's due date. You don't want to plan the shower too close to the baby's due date in case he or she wants to make an earlier arrival! Make sure to give the mother-to-be enough time to shop for more items in case she wants to add to the gifts she received at the shower. You can also hold a "welcoming shower" a couple weeks or months after the baby is born. Guests can then bring gifts specific for boys or girls. Out-of-town friends and family will also appreciate this shower so they can meet the new little one and enjoy the celebration.

Should favors be given at the shower?

Baby shower favors are wonderful ways to let guests remember the special celebration. Favors also show your love and appreciation for your guests in helping you celebrate the little one's arrival. Welcoming the new addition to the family is an once-in-a-lifetime event and should be treasured. Planning favors for the baby shower is also a fun and exciting task. Make sure to browse our baby shower favors section for unique favor ideas. Some of our favorites included personalized baby shower mint tins, personalized baby shower candles, and custom cookies in shapes of baby carriages, baby blocks and a darling rubber duckie. If you plan on assembling your own favors, our baby carriage favor boxes are perfect for packing little treats.

Baby Shower Themes

Themes give a focus while planning the baby shower and allow you to concentrate on finer details. A great theme can tie everything together for a seamless event and can help with your selection of deocrations or favors. Here are some popular ideas for baby shower themes:

Time of Day
Have each guest bring a present for a specific time of the baby's day. For example, guests can bring gifts for the baby's 'waking up time', 'play time', 'bedtime', etc.

Nursery Shower
If the parents are planning a nursery for the baby, the shower can revolve around the nursery's theme. This can be colors, cartoon characters, animals, or certain types of toys. Guests can also bring gifts for the nursery.

Scrapbook Party
Make the shower into a scrapbooking party so that the new baby will have a scrapbook ready for all his or her memories! Provide scrapbooking supplies and have each guest make a separate page for the baby's scrapbook. This will definitely be a wonderful gift for both the busy mom-to-be and the baby!

Shower for Mom
This is a great idea if the mom-to-be already has a lot of baby clothes and supplies. Guests can bring presents for the mom to use in the future, such as gift certificates for babysitting, housekeeping, restaurants, and play centers. Guests can also bring gifts such as bath products, candles, spa treatments, and other products that will help the mom-to-be to relax.

Memories Shower
The focus of the shower is the month and/or year that the baby is born in. Guests can bring a scrapbook page or tiny booklet for the baby, or photos, newspaper clippings, popular music, almost anything to put into a time capsule. These memories will definitely be treasured! Guests can also bring their own baby pictures to the shower. Spread them out and make a game out of guessing which picture belongs to which guest!

Turn the shower into a full fledge girl's night and have a slumber party! This is especially good if you are having out of town guests. Spice things up and host the shower at a local bed and breakfast or at a spa hotel.

Decorate and base the shower on the favorite colors of the mom-to-be. This will make coordinating everything a lot easier. Otherwise, the color theme can be based on the gender of the new baby. Deviate from the usual blue, pink and yellow by using more jewel tones such as purple and gold or lush colors like moss green and rose.

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