Baby Shower Planning Ideas
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL4

Baby Shower Planning Ideas

Planning a baby shower is no small feat and it's a great way to show the mommy-to-be in your life just how much you care. With a few cleaver ideas, you'll be well on your way to planning a memorable baby shower that is sure to delight her and will definitely be the event to be at for all your friends and family.

Here are a few suggestions to start planning a baby shower:


– Start by picking out the colors for your party. You could go the traditional route with pink or blue for the gender of the baby. If the parents are choosing to get surprised, you could go with yellow or green as neutral colors. However, modern baby showers can encompass all kinds of themes and don't need to be confined to the typical baby soft palettes. If the mom-to-be is a chic city girl, you could go with a black and white theme with accents in a soft pastel color. You could also opt for something a bit more masculine such as chocolate brown as the main color if you're hosting a couples' baby shower.


– To complement your colors, settle on an item or icon associated with babies that you would like to emphasize. It could be a baby bottle and rattle or nursery items like a rocking horse, crib, and blocks. Use your chosen item(s) as the focus of your baby shower decorations with paper cutouts of the item and even using real life items to decorate, such as using baby bottles as vases surrounded by blocks and confetti. You could set up a rocking horse picture frame as a centerpiece alongside some baby powder scented votives. You could even bring down the baby's crib and use it to hold all the presents.


– Since baby showers are typically daytime events, tea party themes are pretty popular and so you could ask your guests to dress for tea time and then use the tea party theme in your decorations with plenty of floral cups and delicate pastries served on pretty platters. You could set up a selection of petit fours, cupcakes, salads, and a selection of teas.


– Don't forget to plan out some activities for the day including several baby shower games such as baby bingo, guess the candy, count the jelly beans, and you could even set up a scavenger hunt. When your guests leave, send them home with some unique baby shower favors. You could make your own by filling up a favor tin with candy and tying with a ribbon. You can also hand out some elegant favors such as a crystal baby bottle keychain, fresh baby honey jars, baby shaped cookies, or even some eco-friendly bird seed party favors. Coordinate your favors with your theme and your guests are sure to be impressed by your thoughtfulness.

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