Bachelorette Party Ideas that Go Beyond the Bar
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL4

Bachelorette Party Ideas that Go Beyond the Bar

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Cyndi Lauper was right—girls really do just want to have fun—especially when celebrating their friend's upcoming wedding! But who says that bachelorette fun has to include barhopping and Chip-n-Dales dancers? Because every bride-to-be deserves to celebrate the last of her single days in style, we've come up with six fun ideas to get the party started!

Slumber Party

Remember how much fun sleepovers were? Go old school and give the bachelorette a slumber party send-off before she snuggles into marital bliss. You might even consider renting a hotel room for the night. Watch Sixteen Candles and take turns fawning over Jake Ryan, or screen Nightmare on Elm Street if you want to make sure everyone stays up all night. Have pizzas delivered and take turns giving each other manis and pedis. If it weren't for the invention of caller ID, you could even make a few prank phone calls. First one to fall asleep gets her undies frozen! Personalized cosmetics cases or spa toiletry bags make perfect gifts for the occasion.

Spa Day

Anyone who's planned a wedding knows that the business of "tying the knot" can lead to a few knots in the neck. That's why you can't go wrong with a bachelorette bash at the "spaaaaah." Everyone loves a day of papering—especially a bride who is in the thick of wedding planning. Many spas offer bridal packages just for the occasion. Gather your group together for a collection of relaxing treatments, followed by a healthy lunch or dinner. But if a day at the spa sounds too rich for this recession, consider turning your home into a relaxing retreat. Decorate with aromatherapy candles and scatter rose petals about to bring Miss Bride calm and tranquility. Offer your guests a custom bottle of water and their very own monogrammed spa slippers upon arrival. And bring a team of professionals into your home for manicures and massages. When you ask the bride-to-be if she feels relaxed, she is certain to say, "I do!"

Horseback Riding

Hit the happy trails before the bride rides off into her own happily ever after. Many stables offer group rides, which include lunch or dinner along the way. Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables in Los Angeles takes groups on a sunset ride through the Hollywood Hills, which includes drinks and dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant. Check your local area for stables and group riding packages. If they don't include food, ask if you can bring your own champagne picnic along for the ride. (Just don't have too many drinks—you'll need to get those horses back to the stable!)

Cooking Class

What better way to make use of all that cooking gear she's registered for than to teach her how to use it? Cooking classes are a great way to bring friends together and stir up some fun! And who said that cooking classes can't also be sexy? Some cooking classes let you learn to roll sushi or cook the kind of meal that serves as an aphrodisiac. The bachelorette isn't the only one who will benefit from this newly acquired knowledge. Great favors for a cooking party include heart-shaped measuring spoons and a mini heart whisk.

Wine Tasting

A recent scientific study confirmed something we've long suspected: Drinking wine in moderation can lead to a healthy heart and a better life. So why not get the bride-to-be's new life off to the best start possible? Pack a picnic lunch, hire a limo, and cruise your local wineries in style. Wineries can be found throughout America—even in some of the most unlikely places. Colorado Cabernet? Minnesota Merlot? Sure, why not? Search the internet for wineries in your home state. Take guided tours of historic and back road vineyards, and learn how wine is processed from start to finish. No grape stomping required. Send each guest home with a heart wine bottle stopper or a set of vineyard wine charms.

Scavenger Hunt

Even if your bachelorette party begins elsewhere, there's a good chance that it will end at a bar. Test your bar flies with this new twist: Pair a pub crawl with a scavenger hunt for a hilarious night. Divide into two groups, or send the bride-to-be out solo with a list of wedding-related challenges. The list could include meeting a man with the same name as her groom, taking a picture with someone dressed in her wedding colors, and locating a couple with an anniversary date that matches her own upcoming wedding date. If you're really evil (and she's a good sport), you might even dare her to sing "Going to the Chapel" in front of the crowd. Just don't forget the video camera—the tape will be a treasure for years to come (if she doesn't destroy it first)! Be sure to don personalized t-shirts for team spirit.

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