Bachelorette Party Themes and Favor Ideas
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BEACH4

Bachelorette Party Themes and Favor Ideas

If the groom has a wild, all-night excitement-filled (and naughty) bachelor's party, who says the bride can't have her share of the fun? In lieu of the traditional dinner with girlfriends and female family members, pick something more creative that is tailored to the bride's personality and friends.Here are a few options and bachelorette party favors to highlight the theme and provide a lasting memento.

Bachelorette Party Theme # 1—Spa Day with Friends

Many spas or nail salons offer packages so be sure to check on what special services or deals are available. A spa day is fun with just a few close friends or up to 10. Arrange the time with the spa and ask everyone to pick a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage service. Meet up at a restaurant and walk over together to relax in the soothing spa atmosphere before your treatments or enjoy healthy spa food while sipping cucumber flavored water.

To set the tone, share your bachelorette party favors at the start of the day.

Unique party favors for a spa bachelorette party:

  • Personalized terry cloth spa slippers and personalized bath wrap for each attendee with initials embroidered. The bride must have a different color from among the rest. You can have hers with the word "Bride" to make it more memorable.

  • As bachelorette party favors for the attendees, you can give them thank you notes attached to a mini purse-shaped manicure sets including nail file, clippers, tweezers and scissors. If you're thinking about what to do inside the spa, try a bride trivia game that's sure to get the party started. Unique party favor prizes for the winners could be candy orice cream towel favors or personalized bath salt favors.

Bachelorette Party Theme #2—The Get-Away Bride: Spend a night or weekend away at a favorite locale

If you have a special place with shared memories or somewhere she's wanted to go, surprise her with a trip away. If the bride is a back-to-nature girl, stay at a bed and breakfast and plan a hike or picnic. It's a great way to get outdoors and easy way to socialize. If she's a city lover, go for shopping and lunch at a favorite restaurant. Give a festive flair to bachelorette party favors to enhance the theme.

Bachelorette Party Favors for this theme:

  • Give everyone present a personalized cosmetic bag, personalized weekender tote bags or personalized travel cosmetics case during breakfast the next day. Your program for the night involves cheese and crackers, champagne and strawberries. Or you can do each other's nails; eat nachos and pizza and while playing a board game (and sipping some margaritas), just like when you were teens. Listen to Beyonce or Shakira, and bounce the night away.

  • Unique party favors like party topics coasters are great to break the ice and get your guests talking. Lipstick pen and notepad favors are great to pen down the special wishes for the bride. Stick the note to the bride while she sleeps.

Bachelorette Party Theme #3—Girls Night Out

Dress her up so the whole world knows this is the bride's last big bash before the wedding. Deck the bride out in a personalized bridal t-shirt, a crown or tiara and striking red shoes. Give guests bridal party tee shirts and bridal party buttons.

Do your usual bar hopping escapades but with a twist. Play a game and award points for every time a guy approaches a member of the party (15 points) or buys someone a drink (30 points) or whatever actions make sense for your group. The person with the most points wins unique party favors like personalized wine glasses or mini acrylic cocktail shakers. There are lots of ways to have clean enjoyment during the bachelorette party so give the bride what she deserves.

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