Bridal Shower Decoration Must-Haves
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BEACH4

Bridal Shower Decoration Must-Haves

A bridal shower marks a large milestone in a woman's life. It is one of the first pre-wedding get-togethers and helps to mark the end of singlehood and the beginning of life as a married person.

Planning a bridal shower takes a bit of thought, but if you start with a theme and/or specific colors, your planning process should go a lot smoother. The traditional bridal shower is a simple lunch for the bride's female friends and relatives, but modern showers can also be a substitute for a bachelorette party and can get a bit more risqué. No matter your theme, keep your guests in mind and be sure to communicate the expectations for the event to avoid any surprises, such as scandalizing grandma with a lingerie shower when she was expecting a chaste tea party.

When sending out your invitations, keep in mind that most guests will want to know what the appropriate attire will be. Be sure to specify the formality of the event or the theme you have chosen to give them an idea of what to wear or even what they should bring as a bridal shower gift.

Although your decorations will vary based on the theme of your bridal shower, flowers and rose petals are always appropriate. You can scatter some freeze dried rose petals on the gift table and set up vases full of flowers on the tables. Personalized napkins and decorating in specific colors are also great ways to tie your shower together.

Your food can play a large part in the bridal shower decorations as well. You can choose to set up a buffet table for guests to help themselves, or set the tables up family style with various dishes serving as the centerpieces. Don't forget to add decorative touches such as a mint sprig or a single flower vase to the buffet table or spread to make it pretty.

Games are a staple of bridal showers and so you should plan accordingly. There are plenty of resources for unique bridal shower games, but above all remember to make it pertinent to the bride and to the theme of the event. If the bride has mentioned that she hates the toilet paper dress game, then by all means, play a different game. Some typical games include bridal shower bingo, couples trivia games, and games involving stories about the bride. Be sure to come up with adequate prizes such as gift cards to popular stores or something relevant to the theme.

Last, but not least, don't forget about the favors. Consider something practical like a personalized cosmetic bag or wine glasses, or something edible such as bridal shower cookies or monogrammed petit fours in the colors of the shower. You might also consider something related to the theme of the event such as personalized flower seeds for a garden party or mini ice cream scoopers for an ice cream bash. Your favors can serve a dual purpose as a place card if you choose to have assigned seating or even as a simple complement to the table decorations if you're on a budget. Don't forget to hunt for special offers on party favors.

Just keep in mind all the things above, and you'll be sure to have a memorable and fun bridal shower for everybody involved!

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