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Bridal Shower Favors

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It's time to shower the bride-to-be with lots of love before her wedding day! And it's also a time when brides take the time to thank their friends and family for all the love and support. The perfect way to do so after a great bridal shower is with bridal shower favors. Favors come in so many different forms, allowing the bride to carefully select her bridal shower favors to ensure they're perfect for her event and recipients. Whether you're looking for practical, thematic, or just plain pretty, Beau-coup has a wonderful variety of bridal shower favors to choose from and we're here to help you personalize the perfect ones.

Bridal shower favors can also be pieces that were decorations or supplies. Think bottle openers, personalized cups or glasses, candles or vases of flowers. This is a great way to get double the use of particular items. When you have pretty and practical pieces at the shower that can also be pretty and practical in the home, it's a win-win. Just remind bridal shower guests to make sure they grab a glass, vase, or whatever it may be from the table before they head home.

For many favors, you can also personalize them with the bride's name, the date, or a cute quote that corresponds with our bridal shower collections. For example, grab personalized bottle openers with a custom label that reads Drunk in Love, or personalized wedding coffee favors that read Love is Brewing. The customization and/or personalization is an extra special detail that is sure to be noticed. And we love that depending on the favor, the personalization will always help bridal shower guests remember that special day.

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