What Type of Bride Are You?
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: FLORAL4

What Type of Bride Are You?

Your wedding day will be filled with many special, little touches that represent your personality and style. Wedding favors, along with wedding party gifts and decorations, are all wonderful ways to incorporate your personal style.

Wedding favors are a small way to send a big thank you to your friends and family for being a part of your wedding day, but they can do so much more. Personalized wedding favors can serve as souvenirs for your momentous occasion. A framed, funny picture of the two of you might break the ice and spark conversation among guests. Wedding favors and their packaging can add flair to the table setting, or emphasize a decorative theme. However, the best thing about giving wedding favors is that, done right, you reach each of your loved ones in a personal way, and share something about yourselves that they'll cherish.

Check out the links below to figure out what kind of bride you are and how to incorporate your personality into your big day. Also, check out our Love Poems article for some poems you can use at your wedding that tie in to your personality type.

Timeless bride

The timeless bride honors tradition and prefers simple elegance to over the top extravagance. She might opt to have the wedding in her childhood home or a venue that holds special memories for her. Family traditions are bound to be incorporated into the day and her wedding will be an intimate affair that involves her loved ones. These wedding favor ideas are both classic and classy, just like the bride they represent.

  • Jordan almonds – The bitterness of the almond in a candy coating represents the bittersweet nature of marriage. Wrap almonds in tulle, a pretty gift box, or gift bag.

  • A slice of the groom's cake – It is said for ladies that stowing a piece of the groom's cake beneath your pillow when sleeping will cause you to dream of your future groom-to-be. The cake can be wrapped in wedding cake gift boxes and stacked on a platter for the guests to take as they leave the reception.

  • Silver place card frame – These favors can pull double-duty. They can first act as place cards to show your guests where they should be seated, and later they can serve as a picture frame for your guests’ homes. A simple silver heart or a beaded place frame will never go out of style, and will appeal to everyone's tastes.

  • Single truffle – To ensure that your favors will be taken home and enjoyed, give your guests a single, fancy truffle. These can be from a renowned chocolatier in your region, or your personal favorite. Wrap in a clean, white box and tie with Midori organdy ribbon in the colors of your wedding.

  • Ringing bells – Let the clear, crisp sound of silver bells initiate a kiss between the newly married couple. Some wedding bell place card holders could perform multiple functions.

  • Inscribed book of poetry, or literature – Have your favorite wedding poetry, or a significant verse printed on fancy paper and bound into a book. Inscribe your names and the wedding date on the cover. This will make a particularly meaningful favor.

  • Ornaments – A single, classy ornament, especially for weddings near the holiday season will remind your guests of the part they played in your special day every time they hang it on their tree.

Dramatic Bride

The dramatic bride is the girl who has always had certain flair, one who knows how to make an entrance, and keeps others on their toes. For the dramatic bride, presentation is everything and her wedding day is her chance to be the star of the show. If you're a bride who craves the spotlight, these favors are just for you.

  • A Mask – Show off your taste for the theatrical by giving your guests an embellished Mardi Gras style costume mask. This would be particularly fun for a wedding with a Halloween theme, a Mardi Gras theme, or just a costume ball theme. The pictures would be phenomenal!

  • Story of how you met – Make sure the story is complete with little known details of your courtship, is printed on quality card stock, and tied with a ribbon. The gesture will be a personal touch, and make your guests feel closer to you. You could also invite your guests to share anecdotes about you as a couple or you personally in a love notes notepad, which they can later take home.

  • Photo booth – Have a rented booth at the reception and supply each guest with coins and a custom envelope with your names and wedding date. They will be entertained and have lasting memories of the occasion. If this is too pricey, supply guests with some personalized disposable cameras and set up a backdrop for them to use as a photo booth.

  • Personalized crossword puzzle – Since it is your day, make it all about you! The answers will be facts and juicy tidbits about you and your groom.

  • Custom Mint Tins – Show off your megawatt smile by gracing the lid of your guest’s personalized mint tins. Just remember to carry a pen with you when they seek your autograph!

Fun Bride

The fun bride is the girl who is more likely to be found playing with the young ones rather than conversing with the grown-ups. She's passionate about life and is constantly looking for ways to infuse some fun into everyday affairs.

  • Framed, funny picture of the couple – Give your guests a childhood photograph, or better yet, the one from high school that you wish you hadn't taken. Display in a heart shaped frame that the guest can later take home as a gift.

  • Bubblegum bride and groom – These little confectionary wonders will have your guests ooh-ing and aw-ing. The bubblegum buddies will help them see the world from a child’s perspective.

  • Caramel Popcorn – Give your guests some personalized caramel popcorn to remind them of days spent at the carnival. This is especially great if you will have carnival games as part of the entertainment.

  • Personalized playing cards – Have some poker tables complete with personalized poker chips as the entertainment and present your guests with personalized playing cards as favors.

  • Funny Accessories – Give your guests some funny accessories like fake mustaches, different hats, fedoras, etc. that they can later take home and have them parade them in front of a backdrop where you can set up a makeshift photo booth.

  • Candy – Tap into your inner child and treat your guests to a giant candy buffet. Set out favor bags and have them fill them up with their favorite goodies before they leave. Just make sure to give them a good way to burn off all that sugar—perhaps by supplying them with a jumpy house?

Natural Bride

The natural bride is just as comfortable roughing it in a tent as she is staying at a 5 star resort. She cares about nature and is probably active in environmental causes. She is definitely an outdoor wedding type of girl and her favors should reflect her love of the earth. These favors should bring guests a little closer to the wonders of nature.

  • Flower bulbs or seeds – Give your guests a gift that grows long after the wedding night is over. The seeds can bear a variety of treats from flowers, to herbs, to chocolate scented blossoms for the chocolate-loving nature girl.

  • Sachet Wedding Favors – Sachets filled with lavender, freesia, cloves, rose petals, and many other scents that recall a garden in spring would make the perfect parting gift for your guests.

  • Donate to an environmental charity on behalf of each guest – The gift speaks for itself, and also tells of your passion for a cause.

  • Regional Specialty – To highlight the season, or remind your guests of the location consider giving your guests some organic fruit or vegetable goodies. You might also consider a local specialty such as honey, cheese, wine, or candy.

  • Loose tea – Drinking tea is a comfort, and brings serenity and peace to frenzied lives. To keep in the theme of celebrating your love, give heart-shaped tea and sugar for your guests to enjoy as wedding favors.

  • Flowers in small vases – A single blossom of your favorite flower in a bud vase for each guest. The vases can be incorporated into the centerpiece, or simply placed at each setting.

  • Bamboo Shoots – In Chinese culture bamboo shoots represent good fortune. They are also low maintenance plants, and beautiful decorations. Bamboo coasters or napkin rings can add to an Asian theme as well as symbolize the luck and prosperity associated with the woody plant.

Romantic Bride

If you've been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl or you fantasized about being a princess who would marry her Prince Charming one day, then you're a hopeless romantic. If you can't get married at a castle, try some of these wistful ideas to make your wedding dreams come true.

  • Single long-stemmed rose – Placed on each guest's setting, it evokes mystery and romance. You can also tie a piece of personalized ribbon around the stem.

  • Candles – Candlelight sets the perfect romantic atmosphere. Bestow a scented candle to each of your guests so that they can recreate the mood after the reception.

  • Favor pens – Have a chest ready where you can provide each guest with a keepsake favor pen and notepaper. Ask that they each write a message or wish for you, and deposit it into the chest. After the reception, stow the chest away and do not read the notes until your one-year anniversary.

  • Antique handkerchief – Anticipate tears of joy from your guests as they witness your magical day. Prepare handkerchiefs embroidered with your monogram, or tied with a pretty ribbon as gifts.

  • Spanish fan – Conjure images of an exotic wedding in a castle in Spain by giving your guests personalized hand fans. These work especially well in the summer when it’s hot!

  • Teacup Candle – A mini teacup tealight candle will bring to mind a romantic garden tea party or at the very least remind your guests of their own childhood fantasies while having imaginary tea parties.

Chic Bride

You're a trendsetter, always one step ahead. You throw parties worthy of the society column, and you need favors that are "all the rage". Consider these ideas that anybody who's anybody will appreciate.

  • City Guide – Give your guests a treat they won’t soon forget with a black book city guide. These stylish guides show off all the local hot spots and feel free to add in your own favorites!

  • Wine bottle stoppers – Wine-themed favors for wine lovers may be wine glass charms, vineyard place card holders, or bottle stoppers. Your guests with wine savvy will love these heart wine stopper wedding favors.

  • Engraved Martini Glasses – Give your guests a parting gift of martini glasses along with the recipe to you and your future husband’s favorite drink. Up the ante by creating your own signature drink, and then every time your guests drink it, they won’t be able to help but think of you.

  • "Farfalletta dolci" – These knots of fried dough sprinkled with sugar can be presented in a cellophane bag and tied with sheer organdy ribbon to make perfectly fancy favors. The Italian cookies symbolize you tying the knot.

  • Biscotti – Wrap in cellophane and seal with a custom sticker. Your guests can enjoy with coffee after the reception dinner, or later, at home.

  • Fancy soap – Soaps come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. As favors, give your guests a beautiful, boutique soap, or soap wrapped in handmade paper. They might be considered too nice to use, but will definitely impress.

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