Creative Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BEACH4

Creative Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces are the focal point of any reception. They can be simple, elaborate, elegant, casual, or even quirky. No matter the design and no matter the price tag, a centerpiece cannot produce ambiance for the wedding all on its own; it should be coordinated with the overall theme of a wedding to best serve its purpose.

Contrary to popular opinion, a wedding centerpiece need not be expensive to be unique or inspiring. With a little ingenuity and creativity and some research and smart shopping, there is no question that the best wedding centerpiece can be created with unexpected items. Here are a few ideas for turning unlikely trinkets into an eye catching centerpiece!

Beach Themed Centerpieces

For a beach or nautical themed wedding, collect sailboat shaped tea light holders in different heights, shapes and sizes and group them into clusters of four or five to make an elegant centerpiece. For a more casual setting, pile personalized seashells and a few starfish on top of sand inside a tall vase.

Garden Themed Centerpieces

For spring and summer weddings, miniature plants gathered in the center could serve as a refreshing centerpiece. Tie a hang tags or personalized ribbon around the pot or vase for a garden themed presentation. Mini flower pots with plantable seeds or sachets are interesting alternative to actual plants. Fabric flower pens in pots when gathered in the center can be a bright centerpiece and especially delightful for a children's table. For breakaway centerpieces, make sure to provide enough for each person at the table to take one home!

Cookie Centerpieces

Lastly, for a very unique and sassy centerpiece, edible favors like wedding cookies make the sweetest ending to a wonderful reception. Cookies stacked to resemble wedding cakes, placed on a cake plate can serve as a tempting centerpiece. Monogrammed brownie favor pops set on a porcelain platter is an equally irresistible idea. For an Asian themed reception, serve chocolate dipped fortune cookies in a large decorative bowl in the center. The surprise twist is a custom fortune inside!

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