Decades Wedding Themes and Bridal Shower Themes
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SUNSHINES4

Decades Wedding Themes and Bridal Shower Themes

Roaring 20's

America in the 1920's was the richest society the world had ever known and people freely celebrated the prosperity of the roaring 20's. To have a 20's themed wedding means decadence! Invite your guests to dress for the occasion, hire a jazz band, and teach everyone the Charleston. For décor, think art deco. Ostrich feathers and strings of pearls make appropriate table decorations. For fun, set out a few decks of playing cards, or a game of croquette.

40's Swing

Bring the swinging 40's back with a big band wedding. Encourage gentlemen to wear baggy suits, and ladies vintage dresses. Hire a big band to play all the classic swing tunes, while you jitterbug the night away. Décor should be simple and modest; some understated flowers in a classic glass vase, and candlelight.

Psychedlic 60's

A psychedelic reception doesn't sound like the most romantic thing, but when you recall that the 60's were all about peace and love, the theme makes a lot more sense. Dress up the reception with wild flowers and a dove motif for a softer look. Or to go all out, use lava lamps in the centerpieces, peace signs, and happy faces on programs, and place cards. Make tie-dyed shirts as party favors. Or give mood setting incense kits. Drive off in an old Beetle for the finishing touch...

70's Disco

To have a 70's themed reception, you must have a disco ball! Strobe lights are slightly more optional. Dance the first dance to "How deep is your love", and then disco the night away! For favors, try to find fun, nostalgic 70's novelty items, such as lava lamps, 8-track tapes, latch-hook rugs, and mini disco balls.

80's Retro

The 1980's has the special position of being recent enough for almost everyone to relate to, and distant enough to induce a wave of nostalgia whenever we do relate. The 80's may not be known as the most elegant era (big hair and shoulder pads), but it was an uplifting, carefree time. A tribute to the 80's would definitely have to include music from the decade. That should be easy since 80's music is the most fun to dance to anyway! For fun favors and table decorations, send guests down memory lane with items like Rubik's Cube, some garbage pail kids trading cards, He-Man and She-Ra action figures, and Bubblicious bubblegum.

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