Unique Wedding Gift Baskets
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL4

Unique Wedding Gift Baskets

Today's bride has definitely a lot to plan for. But when you still have months to go until the Big Day, you may find yourself wondering if there is anything that you can do now. A few months before my own wedding, I decided to start making gift baskets for out-of-town guests. It was a good idea because it gave me several months to gather items and starting early allowed me to concentrate on other things closer to my event. So, if you are trying to figure out what to do, start by preparing unique guest baskets! The following are some tips I hope you find helpful!

The purpose of a basket of hand picked goodies is to welcome your wedding guests. You may have guests not only from out-of-town but even out of the country. Many of my wedding guests had never before even been to the United States (I am from Finland!). Providing them a nice surprise waiting in their guest room is not only courteous, but a nice way to thank them for traveling a long distance to celebrate with you.

How should you start? Here are some tips to make your guest baskets unique:

  1. Think of what your guests may need during their stay. Maps and city guidebooks are a great idea! Not only are they helpful tools, but they also show your guests that you put thought into making their stay more comfortable. If you have a tighter budget, visit your local visitor information center and get local maps and area brochures.
  2. Think of the area specialties. Is your town known for its cheese? Or perhaps you have the best chocolate factory in the world! Buy local products that you think your guests will enjoy. Your guests will also appreciate bottles of water, coffee, tea, snacks, or even a bottle of wine (don't forget the cork screw!).
  3. You may also find great items in your local souvenir shops. If you are in San Francisco, include a miniature cable car. In NYC you may find a miniature Statue of Liberty. You don't have to purchase the biggest items, even a small thing will do. Other alternatives are scented travel candles, personalized sewing kits and beautifully packaged soaps. Think of something that will put a smile on your guest's face.
  4. Chose a container. You can always go with a traditional basket, but you can also be creative! Are you having a wedding on the beach? You can get pails instead of baskets, or even beach totes. Paper gift bags are always practical and less costly. A unique idea is to dress them up with personalized labels and beautiful ribbon.
  5. You may also want to write a welcome note and attach it to the basket. Include directions to the venue and back, and a list of restaurants in the area. If you are having a wedding weekend, include a program for your guests. You may also want to include your contact information, in case your guests have any questions during their stay.
  6. A day or two before your guests arrive, take the gift baskets to the hotels where your guests are staying. Make sure you write your guests' names on them, and ask them to be delivered to each guest upon arrival. I'm sure your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated!
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