How to Plan a Bachelor Party
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How to Plan a Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party Overview

Although bachelor parties have a negative reputation of groomsmen corrupting the groom before he takes the final plunge, modern bachelor parties are much more creative and don't necessarily have to include any cringe-inducing activities. The bachelor party has become a celebration of friendship and transition to a more mature role in life.

The Planner's Checklist

Pre-planning: A month or two before the party

The bachelor party is typically planned by his best man and groomsmen and as such should be given plenty of time to establish a solid plan.

  1. Choose a date. Depending on the location of the event, make sure that you clear the date with the groom. If the event will take place out of town, make sure that the groom has a free weekend and be sure to consult with the bride to make sure that she doesn't book anything for that particular night/ weekend. To make it easier on yourself, you might even plan the event for the same weekend that the bride is having her bachelorette party.
  2. Pick out the perfect venue. Bachelor parties can happen in town in the groom's favorite bar, club, or restaurant, or it can be out-of-town like a beach or casino. Whatever you choose, make sure to send the invitations with plenty of time to allow your guests to plan accordingly.
  3. Plan how much to spend. Establish a budget so that you will not spend more than you can handle. Typically the best man and groomsmen shoulder the cost of the event, but if it will take place out of town, guests may have to cover travel expenses, while the hosts cover the lodgings.
  4. Send out your invitations. A conventional bachelor party is attended by the entourage and maybe some of the groom's close friends. Just ensure that the people you asked to attend the party are also invited to the wedding.

Planning the Details: 4 to 6 weeks before the party

Make the bachelor party a special event your guest of honor will never forget by taking care of the important details.

  • Food – the fare will probably consist of finger food and alcoholic beverages. If the party will take place in a restaurant, then you need to reserve a function room that is large enough to fit the number of guests you will have and the activities you will hold. If you're planning a weekend away, be sure to bring plenty of snacks for the trip and to keep in the hotel kitchen.
  • Decorations – Luckily, the groom will probably care more about the entertainment than the decorations, but if you decide to set something up, you might consider getting some bachelor party buttons or t-shirts and something to distinguish the groom himself such as a funny hat or some sort of outfit.
  • Hotel and Travel – if you've opted to go out of town for the celebration, then you need to make travel arrangements as well hotel reservations for all the attendees. Be sure to collect the money from your guests ahead of time and avoid any hassles by having one (responsible) person book the reservations for the hotel, travel tickets or car rentals, and if you're hiring a limo be sure to book that ahead of time as well.
  • Entertainment – if you'll be celebrating ahead of time or riding in a limo be sure to make some good mix CDs to get everyone in the mood. You might also center your event on an activity such as attending an out of town sports game, going paintballing, or go-cart racing. Go fishing or skiing or participate in some sort of extreme sports activity that the groom might enjoy.
  • Favors – men are not into trinkets or cute stuff, so bachelor party favors should mostly be something edible, or something useful like personalized mint tins, a bottle of the groom's favorite alcohol, or even matching ties.

Bachelor Party Etiquette FAQs

Planning a big party is not easy that is why we need guides to help us out. Below are some of the things you need to know about bachelor party.

Who should host the party?

The best man and groomsmen typically take on the job of hosting the bachelor party. The groom should not host his own party.

Who should pay for the event?

The attendees, traditionally, chip in to pay for the expenses incurred in the party. This is why a budget is important so that you can avoid arguments or doubts about how much you really spent for one day of fun.

Is it ok to hire strippers?

Make sure to ask the groom whether he wants a stripper, but in either case be sure to plan alternative entertainment.

Who should be invited to the party?

Usually the groom's entourage goes to the party. Close friends of the groom and male friends of the bride who are not in the bridal party are also invited. Do not include people that are not invited to the wedding.

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