How to Plan a Summer Wedding
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SUNSHINES4

How to Plan a Summer Wedding

Overview of a Summer Wedding

There are many reasons for wanting a summer wedding. One, the weather is perfect for an outdoor ceremony and reception. Two, the selection of flowers to choose from are plenty. Three, it's easier for guests to take a short vacation if the wedding is held out of town. Couples who schedule a summer wedding take advantage of the beautiful weather to celebrate their union in a park, beach, garden, or backyard. Of course, summer weddings can also be held indoors, but being outside makes it casual and fun for everyone.

Your Checklist of Things to Do and Remember

Pre-planning: 12 months before the wedding

Summer weddings are just like any other wedding. You need to plan at least a year before your intended date to make sure that all things are ironed out before the big day.

  1. Choose the date. Of course, you want it done during the summer months. Make it more specific.
  2. Pick the venue. Summer time gives you lots of options for your wedding venue. Because of the favorable weather any place you choose will be perfect — just as the weather.
  3. Plan your guest list. Making a guest list allows you to gauge your budget and stick to it. It also prevents you from hurting someone?s feelings by forgetting to invite them.
  4. Invitations. It's summertime! Defy the norm and go for bold colors to reflect the joyous occasion and the perfect weather. Don't forget to send them out once you have them.
  5. Manage your finances. While it's true that a wedding happens just once in your lifetime, blowing all your hard-earned money on a one-day event is never a good idea. So budget your expenses and re-calculate every once in a while to see if you're still on track.

Planning the Details: 4 to 11 months before the wedding

A summer wedding entails a lot of thought and effort, so to get everything right just the way you want you have to plan early.

  • Food – serve something light and fresh to contrast the hot weather. Think seasonal fruits like watermelon and berries; vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, and corn; ice cream or a light sorbet for dessert. Frozen cocktails can also help the guests cool down.
  • Reception – summer weddings also means you have to contend with the heat. Don't let it ruin your day by making sure the venue is well-ventilated and air-conditioned. Provide tubs of cold personalized water bottles throughout your reception area. If you're having the reception out on a garden or beach, arrange for a tent with portable air-conditioning systems or mist fans so you can still keep that outdoorsy feel without the heat.
  • Decorations – if you're having a themed wedding then decorate your venue accordingly. Some themes that are popular during the summer are the nautical theme. Dress the venue with navy and white, but also add touches of bright colors like red or gold. A beach wedding means having beige and aqua as your main colors, which you can accent with peach.
  • Favors – your wedding favors should fit the theme and summer setting. Some favors that are both beautiful and practical for the summer season are wedding hand fans, travel-size sunscreen, personalized lip balms, and even beach towels. You can be unique and fun by giving out straw hats.

Summer Wedding Etiquette FAQs

Summer weddings are fun to have but don't plan without first knowing the answers to some of the most basic questions asked when planning one.

Should I send save-the-date notice? Or do I wait and give them the invitations?

Summer is prime time for vacations. Most people will be planning out-of-town trips and might not be available during your wedding. Make sure the key people in your guest list get a save-the-date magnet.

What is the perfect time of day for a summer wedding?

Don't, at all cost, have your wedding begin at midday when the sun is at its all-out power. Go for a late afternoon or early evening start when the day begins to cool down.

What kind of attire should I ask the guest to wear?

We know that weddings are formal events, but you can make it a bit more casual for summer so every one will feel comfortable. Short sleeved polos, khakis and cotton chinos for men should be fine. Spaghetti strap cotton dresses with print or plain for women is also an option.

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