How to Plan an Off-Site Company Holiday Party
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How to Plan an Off-Site Company Holiday Party

Company Party Overview

Every year companies commemorate the holidays by having a party. Such parties also celebrate the year's success, as well as boost the employees' morale by allowing them to have fun and get to know employees from other departments.

A typical company party happens on an off-site location and will probably last for at least 4 hours. At the start of the event, employees may be asked to register for attendance and for raffles and games. They are also given a chance to mingle. There are usually speeches, presentations, raffles, games, and award ceremony during a company party. In between guests get a chance to savor the feast and drink. The party ends as soon as the prepared program ends.

Planner's To-Do

Pre-planning: Two to three months Before the Event

As the planner of the party, you need a lot of time to plan a big event such as a company party, especially if the group is big. Here are the things you need to make sure so you don?t forget anything on the big day.

  1. Set the date. This is the very basic thing you need to do first. Everything will depend on the date you set for the party.
  2. Choose a convenient venue. The next thing to take care of is the venue. It is important that the venue is easily accessible to everyone, so as not to deter them from attending. Ensure that the venue can hold the number of guests you expect for the party, and that there is enough space for entertainment and games to be held.
  3. Send save-the-date notice. Once you finalize the date and venue it's time to send out save-the-date notice via email to all employees of the company. You can also send a follow-up email a month before the event as a reminder.
  4. Get a list of suppliers. You need to make sure suppliers for your party are available to do the task you need them to do on the date of the event. Since it?s the holiday season, most suppliers will have their hands full with orders like yours.

Planning the Details: 4 weeks before the party

This is a crucial time for you as the planner. The finer details of the party needs to be set — the food, favors, decorations, program, and the theme — and you need ample time to get suppliers and to prepare.

  • Food – make sure that you will be able to provide ample supply of food and beverages for the party. Take into consideration special dietary needs by allowing a wide variety of food on the menu.
  • Decorations – invest money, energy, and time on the holiday party decorations because there's nothing like a venue that exudes a festive holiday air. Often, it is good to have a themed party because it's easier to pick out decorations.
  • Program – all good company parties follow a certain order or program. It is also customary to have an award ceremony for employees with exemplary performance. Plan accordingly and make sure guest speakers, presenters, and participants are notified in advanced. Indicate in the program the appropriate attire for the event.
  • Prizes – some companies like to add a little spice to their evening of festivities or simply say thanks for jobs well done by raffling off some prizes. This also keeps things fun and interesting and will keep people from going home early.
  • Favors – as a "thank you" gift for those who attended the bash, favors are always a good idea. They're small and won't cost much as a full-blown gift, but it will definitely put a smile on the guests face.

Company Party Etiquette FAQs

To make the party a success, here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about company party etiquettes.

What time should I go to the party?
Even though you are not required to time in or out at the party, remember that this is still an office activity. Therefore, you should always strive to arrive on time.

Is it ok not to attend the company party?
Although you are not required to be present at the party, it is always a good idea not to pass up such company functions. Not attending could be detrimental to your reputation and might look as snobbish to some people.

What is the appropriate attire for the party?
Dress appropriately. Most company parties require formal or casual attires. But if it is a themed party, then it is best to dress according to the theme.

How should I behave at the party?
Enjoy yourself at the party and not think about work, but don't forget that you are still partying with your co-workers and it is still a company event. It is still best to conduct yourself professionally and avoid excessive drinking, eating, and partying.

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