A candy-themed bridal shower is a sweet surprise
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

A candy-themed bridal shower is a sweet surprise

If a special friend of yours is about to get married, you may have been charged with putting together a memorable bridal shower. You might be scratching your head trying to come up with a good theme. Consider this: everyone loves candy, and what better way to calm down before a wedding than with your best friends and your favorite sweet treats? A candy-themed bridal shower may be just what the doctor ordered to help warm up those cold feet. Here are some tips to help you put together the best party you can!

Put a fresh candy necklace around the neck of every lady who walks through the door and hand each one a candy scoop favor. Buy a wide variety of candy and pour them into bowls and encourage your guests to mix and match their favorites. Be sure to keep plenty of small dishes available for anyone looking to indulge. For the bride-to-be, present her with a gigantic ring pop and challenge her to finish the whole thing before the evening is through.

As far as activities go, the obvious choice is a rousing game of Candyland. If you'd like something a little more grown up, you can always play a few rounds of poker, using different pieces of candy as chips.

With all of the sugar going around, you'll want to bring along some savory munchies to cleanse everyone's palettes. Some good old-fashioned comfort food is great for this occasion - include plenty of sliders and french fries for your hungry guests. Having plenty of cold water available is a good idea just to help everyone wash all of these treats down. Unfortunately, soda doesn't really go well with candy, so you can probably skip it for this party.

When the shower is over, send your guests home with tuxedo and wedding gown favor boxes filled with even more delectable delights. Mini classic gumball machines will definitely go over well, or you can throw in some personalized M&M tins for good measure. Whatever you decide, you certainly won't be lacking in options!



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