Invitations and decorations and wedding celebrations, oh my!

Invitations and decorations and wedding celebrations, oh my!

Although couples spend a great deal of time planning their actual wedding ceremonies, the bulk of the work is often devoted to designing a once-in-a-lifetime reception event. Unfortunately, there are a million decisions that need to be made to pull off such an elaborate feat. Couples are encouraged to select a theme for their wedding, which can help to limit the seemingly endless number of options available. Try focusing on just one aspect of your special day at a time to make party planning even easier. If you're not sure where to start, spend some time looking for table settings to use on your special day.

Couples who plan to host an intimate, informal reception may consider using square glass photo vases as the main focal point of each table. These simple decorations can be filled with personal photographs of the guests seated at the table for a truly unique and eye-catching centerpiece. Naming each table after a location with special significance is another great way to incorporate friends and family members into your reception design. Photo frames can be taken home at the end of the night as party favors, just make sure that you have a picture of each and every guest or offer up an empty frame and a personalized disposable camera to individuals who are missing from your collection.

If you're dreaming of an extremely formal and fancy affair, personalized table luminaries can be used as centerpieces to add an element of style and sophistication to your event. These high-quality vellum lights give off a soft glow that is perfect for late-night spins on the dance floor. Hand out mini martini or personalized wine glasses at the end of the night for a favor that is sure to please a high-class crowd. You may even want to skip out on a full bar in favor of providing each table with a selection of high-quality liquors and spirits. Just make sure to provide out-of-state guests with a ride back to their hotel at the end of the night (hiring a limo or bus service is easy).


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