World's oldest wedding cake remains intact
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: USA2

World's oldest wedding cake remains intact

Someplace, somewhere, there's a 113-year-old wedding cake that's barely changed since the day it was made, and despite its (literally) war-torn appearance, the cake, sources say, is still moist.

Though the sugar has turned it a darker color and there's a small crack in it from a World War II bombing, the cake has been intact since it was created in 1898, the Times of India reports.

"The baker's unmarried daughter donated it towards the end of her life, fearing someone would find it and think she had been jilted at the altar," Willis Museum curator Sue Tapliss told the news source.

Even if you have no appetite to let your own wedding cake go uneaten, there are more palatable ways you can preserve your blissful memories for centuries to come.

Lay out a personalized photo guest book for your friends to write in upon entering your reception space. The written words may bring a smile to your face now, but trust us - when it's decades down the line, you'll feel like the keeper of an ancient relic.


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