BBQ Party Ideas
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: SUNSHINES4

BBQ Party Ideas

Backyard BBQ Party Overview

Barbecue parties are always a hit during the summer season. The weather is warm and everything is green and colorful. It's the perfect time to spend some time with family and friends to enjoy a great day. And having a barbecue party is one of the easiest and most fun things to do on a sunny day. Plan to have a themed BBQ party so it is more exciting and enjoyable for everyone. Now who wouldn't want to attend such a party?

Things-to-do for the Host

Pre-planning: 3 weeks before the BBQ party

Having an informal party with close friends and family during the summer doesn't take that much time. However, you still need to iron out the details, if you're going to have a themed BBQ party.

  1. Pin down the date. Since kids are also on vacation, many families will have planned their summer weekends with the kids. It's important to finalize the date as early as possible to prevent any clashing of plans.
  2. Pick the venue. What's great about the summer is that any big and open space that can fit your number of invited guests is enough for a barbecue party. It could be your own backyard or at a public park.
  3. Make and call your guest list. You may want to send them save-the-dates, or you can skip it and go straight for some thematic BBQ invitations (try our friends at Greeting Card Universe).

Planning the details: 1 to 2 weeks before the BBQ party

Every party and celebration comes down to the details. And a successful one is the result of great planning.

  • Food – of course BBQ is the main star of the show. It's just a matter of what type of barbecue you're planning to serve. You can choose from barbecued pork, chicken, spareribs, chops, and kebabs. You can even have grilled fruits (pineapples are best) and corn to go with your meat of choice. Of course, preparing the menu for your BBQ party means thinking of the other food that goes well with BBQ, such as a soda and fruit juices, BBQ sauce, salads, and sweet potatoes.
  • Equipment – if you're going to a public picnic ground, you probably don't need to bring your own grill, but it is always a safe bet to bring your own. Aside from the grill, you'd need a supply of coals, basting brush, cutlery, tongs, and your disposables. Don't forget the trash bag.
  • Theme – you can always take the party up a notch by having a theme for the party. How about a Hawaiian Luau BBQ Party? Or a Spanish Fiesta BBQ party perhaps? You can incorporate the theme in your food, invites, dècor, and games.
  • Favors – Give your guests BBQ party favors such as hot sauce bottles, koozies, or frisbees.

BBQ Party FAQs and Etiquette

Planning a BBQ party and still have questions that need answers? Then, you've come to the right place.

Do I still need to plan some kind of entertainment for my guests even though the party is an informal one?

Although you think you won't need to provide some form of entertainment for your guests, it's always a good idea to prepare one. Even just some background music from a portable player will do. If you have kids at the party, it might be a good idea to prepare some games and some prizes to keep the little ones happy.

Would it be ok to let guests man the grill?

That is perfectly ok. Since people like their barbecues cooked a little differently they can just go to the grill pop their choice of meat into the grill and wait. This will also allow you to have fun and mingle with the guests and not have to hide behind the grill.

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