Circus Themed Party Decoration Ideas
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: GROW4

Circus Themed Party Decoration Ideas

The thought of going to the circus always brings a smile to children and adults alike. It conjures up colorful images of clowns, the big top, carnival rides, amazing animals, and breathtaking acrobats. The excitement of seeing performers under the big tent and witnessing amazing acts always draws in the crowds. For these reasons, and more, the circus is always equated to having fun.

Now you can bring home this festive ambience to your home by celebrating an occasion like a birthday party with a circus theme. It's easy enough to do as long as you give yourself enough time to plan out the details of the party.

One of the major aspects of making your circus-themed party a success is the decorations. To give you a nudge in the right direction, here are a few suggestions, for an easy, fun circus decoration.

Replicate the circus atmosphere by decorating your venue with colorful flags, balloons, and streamers. If you're holding the party outdoors, why not rent a striped canvas tent (one with open sides) to simulate a "big top" dome. Then hang some fairy lights to give your venue a nice glow and that carnival feel when it starts getting dark.

Set up mini booths made of simple cardboard and hand out your food like hotdogs, soda, popcorn, and sugar floss to guests. It's a fun and innovative way of serving your finger food while adding to the circus feel of your party.

Another great way to decorate your venue is to put up some sort of circus ring or stage where you can have the host stand up and address the guests. You can also set up some games that can make use of the circus ring.

If your venue is in an open space, it's also a great idea to decorate it with animals. Print out a large image of zoo or circus animals such as elephants, lions, seals, and monkeys. Stick them onto long wooden or metal stakes and stick them upright on the ground so they look like they're walking about the area. If you are indoors, you can stick them on the walls instead and hang the monkeys on the ceiling with strings.

You can also give your guests a circus welcome by framing your door with blue, red, yellow, and green balloons. If you can, stick a life-size image of a clown showing them inside your house. That will surely put a smile on their face and put them in a happy mood for the party.

Another great and easy circus decoration idea is placing some toy clowns, balloons, and candy floss as centerpieces on your table. You can also dress your chairs in circus-stripe cloth and fringe your buffet table edges with triangle-shaped streamers.

Whether you decide to decorate your party with DIY crafts or with store-bought items, you can't go wrong with a circus-themed party because nothing could be more festive and fun than the idea of going to the big top.

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