Color Themed Party Ideas
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL4

Color Themed Party Ideas

Everyone has their favorite color and more often than not, we incorporate this color into our everyday things. It makes the mundane stuff more fun and inspires us to work or get our creative juices flowing.

Planning a party that primarily deals with colors is a great way to bring something personal to the event as well as add something whimsical to the celebrations. Below are some color-themed party ideas for kids and adults alike that are perfect for color themes, since they are color-driven already.

Princess parties are most associated with the color pink or purple. Little girls usually love these colors a lot and the combination is perfect and dainty enough for a little princess. For such a party, decorations are important as you need to make it look regal and dreamy at the same time. Add silver or gold into the scheme too for that added sparkle and glitter.

Going for a Disney Princess theme is also a good idea since you can find matching décor and party supplies in any store, which can make planning a Princess Party easier for you. Whichever princess your child chooses, you can always coordinate with the color of that character.

Another colorful party you can have is on Valentine's Day. Red is synonymous with Valentine's Day, but you can always add another coordinating color to the mix so it's not monotonous. Try something neutral like white, silver, or gold.

If you're celebrating the day with your special someone or even with other couples, you can't go wrong with setting up the table with red table covers and lighting candles during dinner. You can also make red roses the centerpiece of your table setting. Make the mood even more romantic by having guests dress up in your color theme — women in something white, silver, or gold, and men in red shirts.

Holidays like Christmas and Halloween are also perfect for color-themed parties. Christmas is particularly celebrated with much fanfare and merriment, so parties are very common. Make yours unique by making it a colorful affair. Pick a color theme. Maybe something like an all-white Christmas party is more unusual than a green and red one. Make sure that everyone comes only in white and silver — nothing else.

If you can, prepare some food that can also be white. Instead of the regular hot chocolate, why not serve hot white chocolate? Instead of red-sauce spaghetti, why not try a cream-colored carbonara sauce? You can also serve creamy fruit salad or vanilla chiffon cake with meringue icing. The possibilities are endless.

For Halloween, you can pick the colors purple, orange, black, brown, green, red, and gray. These colors are associated with the things that make Halloween what it is. Like green is for monsters and goblins, black is for witches and death, orange is for pumpkins and autumn, brown and gray are for dirt and tombstones, and red is for blood. Anything drab and scary will also fit the holiday, as well as donning on the usual Halloween costumes.

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