Holiday Party Games
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: GROW4

Holiday Party Games

Holidays are always fun to celebrate with friends, family, food, and drinks. Kids are off from school and parents have some break from work so it's the perfect time to have fun and enjoy the extra time together. To make it even more memorable, try these activities and games for your next holiday party.

Name That Tune: Holiday Version

Divide your guests into teams. Give each team a bell to ring when they're ready to answer. Have your CD of holiday tunes (Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween, etc) or your iPod/mp3 player filled with holiday songs. Play parts of it and let each team guess the song. The team that answers correctly gets a point, but if they get it wrong another team can steal and name the song for the point.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kids busy with an exciting game of scavenger hunt. Hide items related to the holiday you are celebrating such as candy canes, figures, stockings, witch's hat, or candy treats. Then leave clue cards that kids can follow to the next treasure or item to find.

Recipe Swap

What better way to spread cheer on a festive occasion than by sharing recipes of your favorite holiday treats? Tell your friends to write down their favorite recipes on an index card. Have a fishbowl ready where they can drop their recipes in. Then before leaving ask each one to pick a card from the bowl. Everyone leaves with something new to learn and cook at home for the next holiday.

Holiday Trivia Game

Find out who has the best memory or the brains with a fun holiday trivia game. You can have a complete the lyrics trivia, holiday facts trivia, or even a family trivia for a reunion type of holiday party.

Two Truths and a Lie Gift Game

At the party, pass three pieces of paper to each guest and have them write down 2 of the worst gifts they've ever received from someone, and 1 invented worst holiday gift. Then let them stick it on a board so that everyone can read and have a good laugh about it. You can also ask them to guess which are the true stories or the lies.

Who Wore the Best Costume

Having a costume party is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, and even Fourth of July celebrations. Make it a fun and competitive one by giving out a prize to the person who comes in the best costume. Have other guests vote, but give your vote more weight as you are the host. This is a great way to get people to participate and dress in their best for your party.

Mini-fireworks Display

If you're celebrating Fourth of July with some people, why not have each family or group put up their little fireworks display for everyone to enjoy? This way it's not all up to you to provide the fireworks and your guests will have a chance to participate in the celebration by having a chance to light up the skies.

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