How to Host a Casino Themed Party
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BEACH4

How to Host a Casino Themed Party

Casino Party Overview

A casino-themed party is a great way to gamble and bet without having to lose big to a casino. When you host a casino-inspired party you can have control over where the money goes, whether it's for a good cause or for your own personal consumption. What's also great about a casino-themed party is it's a great fund-raiser idea. You can involve the community or your officemates in giving to a good cause while having a lot of fun at the same time.

The To-do List

Pre-planning: At least 2 months before the Casino Party

You need to allot plenty of time to organize and plan your casino-inspired party. You may have to rent a dealer or even the gaming tables, so you need to reserve well ahead of time.

  1. Determine your budget. As with any event or celebration you'll ever throw, knowing how much you can afford to spend ensures that you're not wasting your hard-earned money on something that you can do without.

  2. Create your guest list. Part of budgeting and location planning is knowing how many people you're inviting to the party. You don't want your guests to be uncomfortable in a crammed-up space.

  3. Procure the venue. The earlier you secure your venue the more chances that you'll get first dibs as well as discount for early booking. If you have a large den or backyard, then it's easier to plan your layout and decorations.

  4. Settle on the date. A great day to host a casino-themed party is on a weekend, probably after a pay day so people will have money to spend.

Planning the details: 1 and a half months before the party

After ironing out the basic details of the event, it's time to get some of the important items of planning your party.

  • Decide on what games to play. Choose something that most of your guests will know as well as some easy games to learn. List a few games so you can have options for everyone.

  • Hiring the dealers. It would be great if you've set aside budget for "renting" or hiring a professional dealer for the day. You look up local casinos and party rental places to see if they know of any dealers you can hire for a few hours. Or you can start learning how to deal or ask a knowledgeable friend for a more simpler version for the party.

  • Rent your gaming tables. If you're hiring a professional dealer, then why not rent a gaming table to make it even more realistic. But if you're on a limited budget, then a regular table maybe with a printed out gaming table image on a tarpaulin will do.

Planning the details: 2 weeks before the party

It's just a few weeks before the party. It's time to get down to the more minute details of the party.

  • Invitations. It's now time to send the invitations to your guest list. Save money by using an old deck of cards and a plain cardstock.

  • Decorations. Arrange your gaming tables in a way that looks like a casino floor. If you're using plain tables, dress it up in green felt tablecloth (or the printed tarpaulin suggestions) for an authentic casino feel. You can also rent or D.I.Y a neon sign that says "Place Your Bets" or "Get Lucky". Use glow sticks or led lights.

  • Food and drinks. To keep guests from going hungry but still have the use of both hands, serve finger food. They're easy to munch on and go well with alcoholic drinks. Beer, punch, and water are great beverages for casino nights. If you can afford to hire a bar tender then it's a good idea to buy your alcoholic mixes at the liquor store.

  • Favors. Don't forget to give your guests casino party favors as a "thank you" gift for making your party memorable.

Casino-themed Party Etiquette and FAQs

Here are a few things you need to know when hosting a casino-inspired party:

Do I need to apply for permits when hosting a gambling party?
If you're doing a fund raiser, then you might need to contact your local government authorities to obtain certain permits. But if you're just doing it for a fun get-together, then there's no need for any permit.

Are casino-themed party legal?
Yes they are as long as you and your guests play for fun and not for money.

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