How to Plan a Valentine's Day Lonely Heart's Club Party
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SMILE4

How to Plan a Valentine's Day Lonely Heart's Club Party


Being single is not always such a bad thing. Until Valentine's Day comes looming right along. People are reminded (much to their dismay) of their "singleness." However, you can look at it positively as something that allows you to be free from the responsibility of pleasing another person in your life. You can celebrate being single by having a party with other single people. A popular party for singles on Valentine's Day is called the "Lonely Hearts Club Party", which you can host yourself. As a host, it is your duty to ensure that your guests will not feel left out and that they have lots of fun mingling with other singles.

Host To-dos

Pre-planning: 3-4 weeks before Valentine's Day

Because you already know when Valentine's Day falls, all you need to do is give yourself enough time to set-up your party and invite all your single friends.

  1. Plan your venue — this is the perfect time to scout for the right place to hold your party. Your house may be too personal a place to hold such a party. Some things to keep in mind are accessibility and if it's within your budget.

  2. Create your guest list — the most important detail of your party is the people you'll invite. Of course, you need to make sure they're all single. If you don't know too many single people, then ask your friends to suggest someone they know. You may also want to think about the mix of your invitees, which makes for a more fun party.

  3. Send your save-the-dates — after finalizing your guest list, send your invitations as early as you can so your friends can block the date off from their calendar.

  4. Finalize your budget — when you're planning any party, being able to budget your expenses should be an intrinsic part of your tasks. This ensures you won't go penniless after having so much fun.

Planning: 2 weeks before the party

It is time to get down to the real important details of your "Lonely Hearts Club Party". Make it fun, make it count, and let everyone know that the day is not just for couples, but also for those who don't have anyone to hold hands with.

  1. Invitations — this is the perfect time to send your invitations and finalize your number of guests.

  2. Food — make it a hassle-free party for yourself by hiring a caterer. This will give you the best chance of mingling with the other guests, and maybe find your Mr. / Ms. Right. Some items you can have on the menu are pasta, baked ham, salads, and desserts. After all, it's the time for savoring the sweet things in life.

  3. Games — for a fun night, have some games planned so that your guests can mingle. Popular games for a singles party include, charades, truth or dare, suck and blow, and spin the bottle.

  4. Favors — make everyone feel good about being single by giving them something to remember the day by - in a good way. Your Valentine's Day party favors can become gifts of thoughtfulness and be highly appreciated.

Lonely Heart's Club Etiquette and FAQs

It isn't easy planning and hosting a party. Here's some etiquette and answers to questions you might be asking yourself to help you along the way.

Can I invite single parents to my singles party?
Yes you can. They are technically singles anyway. And if one of your goals is to match-make your single friends, then this is the perfect time for single parents to find that person they can maybe go out with. Just make sure you make this clear in your invitations, as well as invite more than a couple of single parents to the party.

Do I have to introduce people to each other? Or should I just let them meet on their own?
As host, it is one of your duties to introduce your guests to each other. After that you can leave them on their own to talk. Make it easier by introducing groups of people. You'd give them more chance to meet more new people at once.

What are some great party favors to give to my guests?
As chocolates and flowers are the theme for Valentine's Day, why not give them that as well? It will make them feel special on such a day when everyone expects something romantic and thoughtful.

Is there a theme I can use for the party aside from the usual color red and hearts theme?
Red and hearts are really cliché as a theme for Valentine's Day. If you want to be different and make sure that people will get excited to go to your party, then think about having themed-party for your Lonely Hearts Club Party. How about an angels and demons theme? Girls will be angels and boys can be demons.

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