How to Plan an Oscar Party
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORABLE4

How to Plan an Oscar Party

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Oscar season is here again, and people across the nation are watching this year's picks and falling in love with Hollywood all over again. Add some Tinsel Town glam to your life by hosting an Oscar party and inviting friends and family to root for their favorites while dressed like A-list movie royalty!

Pre-production: 3 - 4 weeks before the party

This far out, the nominees have already been announced. By starting a month in advance, you and your guests will have plenty of time to pick the perfect party outfit and catch up on all the contenders.

  1. Save the date - with a quick internet search, you can find out when and where the Oscars will be broadcast. Check the Oscars' About the Show page to get the specifics. Keep in mind the broadcast lasts about three hours, and make sure to note the length of the party on your invitations.

  2. Finalize your budget - deciding what you can afford is critical. This will let you know how many guests to invite and whether to cater the event or ask guests to bring a potluck dish. Remember, with a little creativity, you can host a glamorous affair whether your budget is large or small.

  3. Create a guest list - with your budget firmly in place, you can invite as many people as you can afford to host! Once your list is finalized, send save-the-dates so your guests have enough time to prepare to party in style.

Countdown to Show Time: 1 - 2 weeks before the party

As Oscar Sunday approaches, start finalizing all the little details of your big Hollywood bash.

  • Decorations. Make your guests feel like celebrities by decorating your space with some Hollywood flair. Start by laying down a red carpet from the door to the viewing area. Handy hint - save money by laying down a red paper runner rather than renting a red carpet. If you can find them, add Oscar statue cutouts and replicas to the dêcor. Decorate your space with movie posters and memorabilia, and have a photo staging area with plenty of props and bright lights.

  • Food. The Oscars broadcast typically lasts for about three hours, so make sure you've got plenty of food to go around. Satisfy your guests' hunger with delicious finger foods, veggies with dip, canapês, and fancy bite-sized desserts. Encourage guests to serve themselves with party punch or a drink mixing station.

  • Entertainment. Before the show begins, pass out a ballot pre-printed with categories and nominees. Encourage your guests to write down their predictions for the winner in each category. Present the guest with the most correct answers with a cute party prize, like this practical star-shaped bottle stopper.

On the Red Carpet: night of the party

The dêcor is amazing. The food is ready. The TV is tuned in and guests are arriving. The only thing left to do is relax and have fun! Pick your favorite celebrity outfits and photo poses as the guests trickle in, and engage in a little good-spirited trash talking over which star will win which awards. You deserve your own award for planning the star-studded party of the year!

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