Quinceanera Party Ideas
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Quinceanera Party Ideas

A Quinceanera Party is a celebration that marks the fifteenth birthday of a young woman in Latin America. It is celebrated very differently from other birthdays as it significantly indicates their passage from childhood into a young woman. However, celebrations of the Quinceanera differ from country to country, with some having more religious overtones than others.

Usually, a church service is held before the festivities where the birthday girl speaks about her dreams and hopes for the future. The parents also take their turn in speaking about their child. Then the Quinceanera party begins, which follow certain traditions and customs.

The dress of the birthday girl is lavish and comparable to a wedding gown. She'll even have a bouquet of flowers and would get to parade through the town, which will end at the party's venue. At the very beginning of the party, the girl will wear flat shoes. At the later part of the celebration, she'll be given a pair of heels to symbolize her transition into adulthood.

The girl also has a special dance with her father to the tune of a traditional Hispanic song. After this number, the girl will then have her "first" dance with a boy to signal her grown-up status. Then, the other guests may join her on the dance floor.

Another tradition followed during the Quinceanera party is the giving of gifts. Special gifts such as a tiara and earrings are common and customary. The giving of this gift means that the church, family, and friends of the birthday girl accept her as a woman now. Also, if the young woman has a younger sister, the birthday girl has to gift the sister with a doll to symbolize her giving up her childhood in exchange for young adulthood.

In some countries where Quinceanera is practiced, there is a 15-candle ceremony which represents 15 years and memories she has shared with 15 special people. The birthday girls hands out 15 candles to the 15 people who she thinks has the most influence in her life. This is followed by a speech dedicated to the person she has given the candle to. Be sure to check out other Quinceanera favors!

There's also the toast to the birthday girl which is shared by all the guests.

After all the traditional ceremonies are done, the high point of the party begins. Here, dancing and music, often involving a band or an artist, are enjoyed until very late at night — or the morning. In some countries, the guests wear funny wigs or masks and make a lot of noise while the music is playing. Sometimes, the birthday girl also appears in a special dance number either alone or with a group of friends.

In the morning some of the birthday girl's closest friends and relatives attend a special breakfast called the recalentado, or the re-warming. During this meal, food that is left unconsumed at the party is re-heated and shared again with the guests. This is usually served with a cold beer and soft drinks.

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